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Using the online dating website you will worry about all there. It is a great responsibility to share private information and details about your life and communicate with unknown singles. To make it better, just find out all about Elite Singles dating website in this review. The main purpose of the review is to show all information about services, possible pitfalls, and difficulties you may face there. 

EliteSingles.com review is based on feedback and responses from former users, who have spent more than several months on the website. Try the community today to be aware of the changes later.

Different types of worldwide dating are gathered in one placeThe age category is older
Interesting communication filtersTechnical support problems may appear
Belongs to the leading dating communities
Elite Singles main page

Elite Singles Sugar Daddy Site Overview

EliteSingles is a subsidiary of the Spark Networks. This special network runs over popular online dating communities like Zoosk, JDate, and others. The Elite Singles community was launched in 2013 in a limited number of countries, among which are Canada, Australia, the UK, and others. Later, in 2015 the website started its activity in U.S. 

Elite Singles is a dedicated platform for all types of relationships and mainly singles, who do not have time to make connections in real life. When the community was established in 2013, it was a small dating website with several thousand members. In comparison, today, every day the Elite Singles website has more than ten thousand newcomers. The number of active members prevails by more than several million. The current number is impossible to write, as it is all time in a rush. 

The primary goal of Elite Singles was made to attract the attention of older singles and make their time better. As of now, there are no differences in who is joining the website. The main idea is to share the website’s values and conditions of work. 


  • Matching will be done for you. You are not obliged to sit and sort which sugar singles meet your expectations.
  • Inactive profiles do not exist there
  • Elite Singles sign up is too fast and easy for newcomers


  • Premium membership is compulsory to start communicating with pretty members\
  • Recommended matches are limited to 7 per day
  • No verification of education or age
EliteSingles features

How Does Elite Singles Work?

Elite Singles belongs to the traditional dating websites, which have a similar algorithm for website usage. Up to the Elite Singles review of the website, the community has a general approach to the clients, which consists of two separate ways. The details of each side are below.

First of all, Elite Singles offers only well-developed and qualified services. From the technical side, the community operates all the time. You will hardly find any difficulties. The support team is on the line all the time, so they will solve possible problems in a fast way.

Secondly, from the user-oriented side, the Elite Singles platform gives a welcomed platform to the members, on which you can find all you need. The interface is perfect for the orientation on the website. The color system will make usage nice and easy as well. The available perfect mobile app makes the situation better too. 

Thirdly, the algorithm of use is available and understandable:

  1. Create an account. Later you will complete only Elite Singles login to get access to the website. 
  2. Make the profile visible and upload photos.
  3. Use searching filters.
  4. Communicate with same-minded singles.

You saw the preliminary way the website works nowadays. That is why stay assured in your strength and start dating a few hours after registration. Below you will notice the detailed descriptions of each of the services. 

Registration Process

Registration is the first and most important step. It belongs to the compulsory ways you have to be aware of. You will read this detailed description of the registration process longer than the registration will take your time. 

To complete the signup open the website from the computer or mobile app. Registration with the Elite Singles mobile app is better and faster due to the next facts. When you have IOS or Android operating systems, the registration will not require you to provide the email address and confirm the registration. 

On the other side, the computer version is better in usage and getting oriented in what is going around. Apart from the email verification, the registration on the platform is the same. It includes:

  1. Opening the official page of the website.
  2. Getting reviewed what is going there
  3. Inserting your name, gender, and whom you are seeking.
  4. Provide the age, email address, and contact details
  5. Confirming the agreement on the Terms of use and Policy of use
  6. Following the verification link on the email.

That is all you have to do to become the rightful member of the Elite Singles dating website. Verification is an important step, as through it you will get information about your reality and status in your profile to date.

Terms of use are compulsory to be agreed upon. Review them and agree. They are available to turn to them each time and reread to update information. 

EliteSingles create account

Profiles Quality

Profile on Elite Singles is what you have to do after registration is over. Create an account and start updating information about yourself. The profile is like the personal page on the social media network. 

In profiles, members share information they want others to know about them. On the Elite Singles platform profiles are sorted by quality, including popularity and rate. To get the highest rates, you have just to update the profile on the relevant level. 

Under the reviews, you can cover the next information in the review:

  1. Life status
  2. Occupation and education level
  3. Hobby and time you spend on it
  4. Marital status
  5. Other information you want to share

Photos possess a separate place on the profile. Using more photos will attract more attention from users. The Elite Singles platform allows you to upload an unlimited number of personal photos and even videos to make the profile more interesting.

The only fact which can make this happy story sad is that the information is not checked by anyone. Every user can write something he or she only wants. The only way to check the truth is during further communication later.

Information in the profile can be changed when you only want to make it. However, a profile gives you the chance to know information about the partner. It is the first way to understand whether you want to continue communication with the person. 

EliteSingles app

Mobile App

Elite Singles has an extended and accessible mobile application, which you can use in different ways. First of all, Elite Singles mobile application is free and available on both IOS and Android operating systems. Choose the better type in your case and download it.

The interface of the website is the same as the website version. The app is better in usage, as you have it always under your hand. In case of business trips or other journeys, you have the chance to stay in touch with matches.

When the website sends you notifications when you are online, the mobile application will make it all the time. As a result, you are able to react to requests for communication, and new messages faster and better. Start using mobile applications and increase the number of active chats. 

Search Process

Searching process is as important as registration. When it comes to seeking partners, Elite Singles gives you the chance to use the searching algorithm, which you will adore sooner. The system has a lot of criteria, which will help you to meet whom just want.

For instance, among the criteria, you may find

  • Location
  • Age
  • Similarities. It means how similar are your interest based on information from profiles.
  • Favorites
  • Goals
  • Status
  • Others
EliteSingles search

Making the search, opt for all the criteria you want and see the list of members, who meet your requirements. Whether you insert the same criteria within 2 weeks, the results can be different, as new members are joining the community all the time. So, the chances are getting bigger and wider each time.

With that in mind, the special feature of searching saving is available. You can save the criteria saved in searching, and the system will offer you similar matches each time. With the described searching options, you have the chance to save time and spend more spare time on communication with singles, rather than scrolling through the list of profiles. 

Searching options on Elite Singles are almost free. All the criteria belong to the free services, so hardly you will find something new with the paid membership or premium plan. 

Messaging Features

Messaging is the first connection with the potential partner on the Elite Singles website. Communication features on the website are well-developed and extended. For instance, you have the chance to

  • Send winks and put likes;
  • Send messages and voice clips;
  • Spend time talking online within the video clips.

The list of potential messages can be small at first glance, but when you come to it, it is big. The communicational features are mostly paid. So, buy the premium membership to start using the communication functions on the website. 

EliteSingles find mach

Website Audience

The audience on the Elite Singles dating website is too wide and spread. Among the members of the website, you will find a wealthy sugar daddy, a beautiful sugar baby, LGBT representatives, Christian singles, interracial communication, and black members. The reason is that Elite Singles is a multinational dating website, which welcomes singles from different corners of the world. 

The audience on the Elite Singles is so changeable that the website does not have a stable number of users. They change all the time when new join the community, and others go away from there. The number of women is bigger than men.

This fact is a pleasure for wealthy sugar daddies, who want to meet a pretty lady and make relationships. Girlfriends come to the website all the time, what is the great news for you. In such a big audience is important to find singles with the same goals and relationships. 

Elite Singles Special Features

Elite Singles belongs to the matchmaking dating website, which has a lot of alternatives. That is why each of the sugar platforms gives special features, which make the website unique. With regard to that, find below the most valuable features of the Elite Singles dating website. 

Have You Met?

These are the special features, which allow meeting more singles there. This feature is similar to Tinder. You have the recommended profiles up to your needs and requirements. The profiles are full of information and you swipe them left when you do not like the profile. Swipe the profiles right when you are fond of them. 

The feature is special, as it offers you to start messaging with the partner on the other line. Tinder or other dating platforms do not have such an offer. 

EliteSingles home page

Personality Test

The personality test or in the words of Elite Singles the “Big Five”, is the test that you can pass. The test will identify the criteria and personal traits, which will be used to make the match with the other member. The test will analyze the criteria for Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism. 

Pass the test to find out who is the most compatible partner in your case and who is less. A personality test can easily be passed and take 10 minutes overall.

Wildcard Matches

Wildcard matches are the special option for enough active members, who have the potential to meet more than 50 partners per day. In this way, they can buy the additional 20 matches for extra money. The system is really working and can help you to start fast relationships. 

Elite Singles Pricing

Pricing is an important question you have to worry about before joining this dating website. On the Elite Singles platform, you have to pay fees on a monthly basis. Elite Singles credits are not available, but you can find the monthly payments on the website. It means when you buy a subscription for six months, you can use the website for six months on the full engine without any restrictions.

Membership will be automatically renewed for the new period when the previous subscription will be invalid. You can easily cancel your membership and subscription, so the money will not be charged. Before starting paid subscription keep in mind, you can use free features. The free features that are the most popular are registration and Elite Singles free search engines which you will be able to test and try a platform and understand whether you want to buy a payment there.

EliteSingles upgrade profile

Free Services

A free service you can use for an unlimited period of time. Entering the website you will preliminary face the free features, among which are:

  • Elite Singles sing up
  • Personality test and profile upgrading
  • Get matches every day
  • Upload photos to your profile
  • Send smiles and winks
  • Get access to the Elite Singles magazine

Paid Services

Paid features will give you the access to the premium features. The Elite Singles cost is not high, but you have to check it on the website to stay sure. 

  • Review who visited your profile
  • Leave comments under the other’s photos
  • Get access to others’ photos without complaints

Safety & Security

Safety and security are in the first place when it comes to the Elite Singles dating site review. The audience with millions of members is a threat to each of the singles. There can be a lot of scams, fraudsters, and bots, who came to steal someone’s information, but not to find the relationships there. 

The Elite Singles makes all come across the safety measures and implement them there. The safety of the Elite Singles is on the average level. It consists of two parts:

  1. Measure, taken by the website to protect users
  2. Actions, taken by users to protect themselves.

Find the details of each way below. 

EliteSingles magazine

Privacy Politics

When you create the account, you agree to the privacy policy. This type of policy protects all the information you have, your location, and so on. Some information is visible to the other members, while some payment details are hidden under privacy measures. 

How To Protect Yourself

In order to save your data, do not share it with people on the website. Sometimes the person can be so pleasant and positive that you will forget about this rule. When the sugar daddy asks about your password or number of cards for payments, do not share this information. 

Customer Support

How can you solve your problems on Elite Singles’ online dating website? There are many ways to make it. For instance, you can look in the I yet et or ask on the forums. However, the appropriate way to make it is to ask the support team. 

The customer support team is a group of leading specialists, whose main task is to help singles with different types of problems. On Elite Singles dating website, customer support will assist you in dealing with different technical problems, possible mistakes during using services, and so on. For sure, the support team is not able to assist you with personal questions or questions regarding communication. 

The ways to contact support specialists are different. Among the most popular are email and online forms. Considering the time of answering, it can take up to several hours. It all depends on the queue of requests. Under the reviews, people often forget to check the FAQ session to get the answer to the desirable question. 

EliteSingles success stories

Elite Singles Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Elite Singles belongs to the top online dating websites in many types of relationships. On the website, you can find a long-term commitment, serious interactions, sugar dating, and much more. As of now, the website has a lot of alternatives, which are really similar, but still have some differences. 

#1 – Suggardaddie.com

Leading dating website due to the number of users, special services, and easy signup. This online dating website has a narrow purpose – to help older men spoil younger women. The most popular features are

  • No video communication
  • Premium and VIP membership
  • Fast-growing membership

#2 – SugarDaddyForMe

Sugar Daddy For Me dating website is the community for sugar dating relationships. You can hardly find someone for serious relationships using this platform. Among the special services of the website, you can find the next:

  • Interesting communication
  • Fast-growing community
  • Safety measures
  • Extended searching options 

#3 – Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits is the positive and light community. The mobile application makes it open for new members. Just find the website and enjoy it. 

  • The number of women is bigger than men
  • Well-made communicational options
  • Only attractive people are on the platform
EliteSingles online dating

#4 – SugarDaddyMeet

The passionate platform to meet sugar babies of different ages, but the same intentions. SugarDaddyMeet is truly the online dating website with sugar dating goals. 

  • Fast communication
  • Extended searching options
  • Interesting ladies to meet 

#5 – SugarDaddy.com

One of the most popular communities to meet a sugar daddy is in front of you. The algorithm and services are the same, but the members are different.

  • Most popular in US and Canada
  • Great in payments
  • Advanced free searching


To sum up, Elite Singles reviews claim the website is highly recommended and appreciable these days. Elite Singles is the pool of understanding, love, and pleasure for all users. The website offers great registration and search activities, extended mobile applications, and communication for those who are looking for love. Use this legit platform today and meet lovely singles tomorrow. 

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