Sudy App Review: Is the Platform Really Perfect for Finding Relationship Sugars or Not?

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Jeffery Maxwell

Check out the new detailed Sudy app review from our experts with many years of experience testing different sugar dating sites. Before signing up, and looking for a suitable pair, you should definitely read this review. Depending on your goals, you can find a rich dad or a cute little kid for a mutually beneficial and enjoyable relationship. 

There are many rich and successful men who are looking for someone cute and charming. They are ready to financially support young beauties. Conversely, if you are a young, attractive woman, and you know what you want, then you deserve financial support and full patronage.

Such sugar dating relationships bring joy and many benefits to both parties, so you can easily search for a suitable match between rich daddies, sugar mommas, and cute, beautiful sugar babies on Sudy app! Learn more about Sudy app by continuing to read this review!

Sudy main page

Premium Membership And Free Membership Structure

Judging by the analyzed sugar dating Sudy reviews and the experience of our sugar dating experts on this platform and other many sugar dating sites, the activity of users is high. On the platform, 80 percent of users are young women or old rich women, the other 20 percent are men.

The sugar dating platform is open to LGBT people, so they use this platform as well. Sugar babies here are more than sugar daddies, this is a truth that you have to come to terms with and calmly accept, plus it is natural since there are fewer rich people in the world than those who need financial support.


First Impression

The first emotion of our experts upon entering the sugar dating Sudy platform was a slight misunderstanding as to why, on the main screen of a supposedly modern dating site, the background image is not clear and a little blurry compared to other dating sites. At the same time, our experts were pleased during the creation of this review that the developers of the platform made applications for both Android and iPhone mobile phones.

It’s quite convenient and has added respect and some credibility to the sugar dating platform, because most all dating sites don’t have their own mobile app. Another super convenient thing is that you can download applications simply by clicking on the buttons on the main screen, or by scanning the queue codes at the end of the main page of the dating site. 

Along with the queue codes, there are also buttons to go to the markets page to download the sugar dating app. It looks like the screenshot below.

Sudy app

How Do You Set Up Your Profile?

Unfortunately, there is no button for registering an account on the sugar dating Sudy site itself as in other dating sites, but there is only the option to enter an existing profile. Because of this, if you do not have an account yet, you will have to download the mobile application to your smartphone anyway.

After you download this sugar dating app, you will need to create and verify your profile. After entering the downloaded application, a window for registration will open in front of you. It will look like the screenshot below. 

  1. The registration process is very easy, you only need to fill in 2 data entry fields, such as email and password. Then you will have to click on the Join for free button. This is the first registration option.
  2. The second registration option is an even simpler way, but thanks to it, you will link your Facebook account to this platform. To complete the registration, you will only need to click on the Connect with Facebook button. In this case, you do not need to fill in the input fields.

How to register is up to you. If you want to be more confidential and calm about your data, then it is better to register by entering information in the input fields. By the way, to complete the Sign In the process, you will have the same 2 options via Facebook or by entering data: mail and password.

Create A Profile

At the end of registration, you will also be shown on the screen how your profile picture should look. And after you put a photo in your profile, the very first photo will be your main photo, and when you go to your profile settings, you will see first of all your first photo. Only you should be in the photo, and the photo should be of high quality. 

By the way, you can make your photos private, so only users who buy private keys with access to photos from you will be able to view them.

It’s easy to get verified. To do this, you need to go to your account and click on the gear on the left in the upper corner of your profile. After clicking, a page with settings will open, and there will be a category called My account. Click on it, and then a window similar to the one in the screenshot below will open, only with your email, which you used to register the account.

By clicking on this email, a window will open asking the platform to send you a verification email. You should just click on the button Send verification email, and when the letter from this platform arrives, follow all the instructions that will be in the letter.

Sudy create account

Filters And Selection

First of all, if you want to search for random sugar dating profiles, you can search for a match by swiping profiles (cards with profiles) to the right or left. You can use this feature after clicking the first button on the left at the bottom. It will look like two cards next to each other. It will look similar to the screenshot below for you.

If you like any profile from this random profile gallery, then you can either Super Like the profile or click on the photo. After clicking on the photo, the account of the person you liked will open.

After entering the profile, you can give the profile a simple like, a super like, block the profile, and report the profile to support (these last 2 options can be used if you think that you see fake profiles). You can also write a message (if you have purchased coins on the platform). And you can subscribe to the profile to follow the news in the life of this person you liked.

Or you can use search filters directly. Filters are quite small with the number of parameters, while in principle they are enough to search for users. These search filters will make you look just like the screenshot below.

As a third search option, you can search for users in 5 sections of the application called Hot, Nearby, Verified, Premium, Ranking. You can find these sections by clicking on the button that looks like a compass in the bottom menu of the application. 

The compass button sits between the two-card button and the Instagram-like button. These sections will help you sort users into the categories you need. That is, if you only want calm and reliable communication, then you need to go to the Verified section. If you want to search for those who are near you, in your city, then in the Nearby section. 

Verified users are essentially featured users since it is featured users who have more trust due to their proof of existence.

Sudy features

What Are The Features Of Sudy Dating App?

There are a large number of various features for users. For example, if you click on the button in the bottom menu similar to the Instagram icon (the button is highlighted in purple in the screenshot below), you will go to a page where users can communicate with each other on the platform.

So for users, there are 4 categories of communication on this page, these are Moments, Story, Talks, and Meetup. On the Moments page, you can read moments from the lives of other users, as well as write your own stories and experiences in life that you are currently experiencing. In Talks, you can read articles from users on the platform and from experts on the platform.

The Story section is very reminiscent of Instagram Reels or the well-known TikTok. In this section, you can view videos of other users of the platform. This section looks like the screenshot below.

A MeetUp section essentially works as a call to chat. Here you will most often see photos and messages about who users are looking for: sugar mommy, sugar daddy, or sugar baby. And if you like someone, you can click on the Message button and start a conversation with the owner of the profile.

What Do Free Users Get On Sudy Dating App?

There are free features on the platform, but they are few. Free features on the platform are:

  1. Registration process
  2. Verification process
  3. Creating and completing a profile
  4. View Moments and create your own Moments
  5. Communication with support

You will have to pay to communicate with users. But the paid membership is worth paying, because by buying it, you will discover many convenient and modern features that will help you find the perfect match. You can see only a few of these features in the screenshot below.

Sudy sugar dating

What Does The Paid Premium Membership Offer?

By purchasing one of the subscription options, you will get access to various features of the platform. Here are the main features you’ll get access to.

  1. You will be able to chat without problems
  2. You will be able to comment on Moments
  3. Viewing personal private photos and videos (you will have private keys)
  4. Checking someone’s contact information
  5. Track your visitors

Cost And Prices

The prices on the dating website vary depending on whether you are a sugar baby, a sugar mama or a sugar daddy. So, you can see the prices for children’s sugar in the table below. Anyone can also test the dating website for 7 days for free, and then $19.99 will be automatically charged per month until the subscription is canceled.

CostAmount of time
$14.991 month
$34.993 months
$49.996 months
Sudy sugar connect

Pros And Cons Of Paid Subscription

Below, our experts have listed the pros and cons of subscribing to this platform for you. This is important to know before making a decision on using the platform.


  1. By purchasing a premium subscription, you will get access to all the main functionality for communication on the platform. In the screenshot below, you can see just a few features that will become available to you when you purchase a subscription. But the main thing is that you will finally be able to communicate with people on the platform and freely view profiles that have viewed your profile.
  2. You also have the opportunity as a sugar baby to get a free Premium subscription for 1 day
  3. You can also get for a free 7-day trial subscription 


There is only one minus: that sugar daddy and sugar mommy have to pay more for the functionality of the platform than sugar babies. You can see the prices for sugar mommies and sugar daddies on this platform in the table below. Prices for baby sugars have been reviewed by our experts in this review above.

CostAmount of time
$69.991 month
$169.993 months
$249.996 months

Safety And Scam

On the platform, the developers made a verification process for children’s sugars. So every sugar child should take a selfie with the name of the platform written on it. In this way, each sugar child proves that they exist and are a real person, not a bot or a fraud, and after checking such photos, specialists on the platform confirm that they are real people and give them access to the platform. Thanks to verification, there are a few fake profiles on the platform.

Also, the platform has a way to block messages from a person or persons whose messages you did not like or violated your personal boundaries, or if you believe that this person is a scammer or a bot. Below in the screenshot, you will find a way to block messages that you can freely use whenever you want.

Also, in the section FAQs, everyone can find step-by-step instructions on what to do if you come across a scammer on the platform, and how to send a report on anything (just a profile, a scammer, and so on) on the platform. You can read these instructions in the screenshot below.

Sudy testimonials

Tips For Sugar Dating Relationships

Below, our experts have collected for you some useful tips that will help you with sugar daddy relationships. You can check them out below, or you can watch this video.

  1. Be open-minded and remember that you have chosen an unconventional lifestyle.
  2. Do not send your sexy photos to potential grannies with whom you have not yet developed a personal successful relationship. There’s no reason to give something away for free when you’re building a direct transactional relationship.
  3. Set up an IRL meeting with the potential sugar daddy as soon as possible. Dating online gets boring fast, and any man who is serious about moving forward will want to meet you sooner rather than later.
  4. Tell your sugar daddy why you need his help. He’ll be more likely to want to help—and continue to help—when he understands what your long-term career plans and overall goals are. Also, remind him of how helpful he is along the way by expressing gratitude and giving specific examples of how your life continues to improve because of him.
  5. Basically, with sugar dating style, hot girls who are sugar children have relationships with rich men, who are premium users on the platforms, and who at the beginning of the relationship, give virtual gifts, and then real ones. You can find platforms for relationships simply by using google search, but at the same time it is better to look for top platforms that provide quality services, so you will have an attractive company with advanced search filters, a large audience, and quality service.
  6. Look your best every time you meet your dad. And be mentally in place. Your grumpy sweatpants for nights spent at home alone. Your sharp, witty, beautiful person is the kind of companion your dad pays for. Be authentic, but be the most comfortable, sociable version of yourself.

Rich Meet Beautiful Used To Be A Good Sudy Alternative

The Rich Meet Beautiful platform was great for finding sugar partners, had genuine customer service, and quite a low Rich Meet Beautiful cost for using their premium membership. That’s exactly why the RichMeetBeautiful dating site stood out from many major competitor’s sites and was the best dating site. 

At the moment, Rich Meet Beautiful is closed for use, absolutely no one except developers can use Rich Meet Beautiful, and therefore alternatives to Rich Meet Beautiful are needed to find sugar relationships. 

Our experts will even make a Rich Meet Beautiful review on it, but for now, the Rich Meet Beautiful review will not be useful, because you can check for yourself by clicking on this link that Rich Meet Beautiful does not work. How long Rich Meet Beautiful will not work is unknown.

Customer support

Judging by the analyzed user reviews and the experience of our experts on the platform, the support team on this platform consists only of highly qualified employees who perform their work quickly and efficiently. You can find different ways to contact the support team on this page of their platform. Support usually responds from 24 to 40 hours.

On this page, you can find the email [email protected], to which you should write an appeal to the support team if you have any questions or problems related to the platform. And also on this page, you can find ways of communication, if you have the desire to tell your happy story that you found on the platform, you can contact their press service; if you want to offer them cooperation with you, you can also find a contact method for this purpose on the page.

Also, if you do not want to write to support, but want to solve your question yourself, or while you are waiting for a response from support, you can look for answers to your questions in their section on the sugar dating site called FAQs. The rubric will be useful both simply for familiarization and when looking for answers to your questions or problems related to this sugar dating site.

Sudy support


Compared to most dating sites, this one has genuine customer service value, more genuine young women looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, and the platform itself is mainly genuine date seeking people for sugar relationships.

In case you are looking for the perfect match with special financial and sexual needs, take a look at our Sudy review again and pay attention to all the important points that our experts have written for you! There are registered men who have large incomes and are able to support financially vulnerable young sugar children. 

If you are a young lady looking for a mature, self-sufficient man to support and encourage, then this dating site is for you too! Feel free to register on the dating site and look for a suitable online sugar couple or someone who can provide for you financially!

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