10 Best Sugar Daddy Dating Apps 

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Most people perceive romantic relationships as ones where both share passion, love, respect, etc. Others may agree with this idea, but they also add that any relationships, even romantic ones, are of a transaction type. A man and a woman both give and receive something. Moreover, in sugar daddy sugar baby relationships, the transactional type of relationships prevail.

Today, people are more understanding of sugar relationships. They still frown upon it but prefer to mind their own business. Sugar babies and sugar daddies get what they want while they don’t have to deal with standard relationship problems. Thus, it may sound like a good idea to start a sugar relationship on sugar daddy apps. We have prepared the ten best sugar daddy dating sites.

Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

Free Sugar Daddy Apps 

If you don’t have time to check out in detail all apps, here’s a short list:

  • SugarDaddy.com – 9.2/10 ⭐
  • Seeking – 9.5/10 ⭐
  • Established Men – 9.0/10 ⭐
  • Sugarbook – 9.1/10 ⭐
  • RichMeetBeautiful – 9.4/10 ⭐
  • WhatsYourPrice – 8.9/10 ⭐
  • Secret Benefits – 8.9/10 ⭐
  • R/SugarBaby – 8.6/10 ⭐
  • SugarDaddyMeet – 8.7/10 ⭐
  • EliteMeetBeautiful – 8.9/10 ⭐

All these apps are perfect to use when seeking sugar daddies and sugar babies. Successful men easily find attractive young ladies who aren’t against sugar relationships. All mentioned apps are safe and have free features to test. 


Sugardaddy.com main page

When it comes to your dating possibilities, SugarDaddy is one of the most accommodating sugar dating sites out there. This is the area if you’re seeking sugar girls, sugar babies, sugar mommas, homosexual sugar babies/daddies, or extramarital affairs (or cheating options when dating someone).

One of the reasons the sugar daddy app is well-liked by successful sugar daddies and sugar babies is not only because the app hosts educated people seeking options but because the app is LGBTQ-friendly. 

SugarDaddy.com is also the best sugar daddy app since it has a convenient payment method. Moreover, this sugar daddy site is usable by sugar babies and daddies alike. The website is mobile-friendly, even if there isn’t a smartphone app for it. Thanks to a modern interface, the website adjusts to the size of the screen. 


  • Easy to use.
  • It offers a great range of features.
  • The site has a great pool of attractive sugar babies.
  • The app is perfect for sugar babies to find sugar daddies.


  • The site has no app. 


SeekingArrangement main page

One of the first sugar daddy and sugar baby apps is Seeking (it used to be popular under Seeking Arrangement), offering some of the best sugar dating opportunities. For all of the sugar babies out there, finding a trustworthy sugar daddy is much easier than before. Seeking is now the first option for anybody searching for a sugar daddy relationship because of its network of more than 20 million sugar members and wide media spread.

The fact that sugar daddies must be confirmed in order to aid with security and sugar babies can sign up for free is a generally adored characteristic of sugar daddy sites, and Seeking is not an exception. Verifying potential sugar daddies’ income as part of the screening process helps to significantly lower the danger of being taken advantage of by bankrupt individuals posing as rich guys. 

The only major drawback to Seeking is that there are so many users that finding a sugar daddy is difficult due to the high level of competition. Therefore, you should check out other best sugar daddy sites covered in this article. Nevertheless, keep going because finding a dream sugar daddy could take some time. It may also be difficult for sugar daddies too if they are looking for someone special. Perhaps, you’re their dream sugar baby!


  • It’s welcoming to people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, ages, etc. 


  • High competition among sugar babies. 

Established Men

Established Men main page

The idea of connecting gorgeous young ladies with established men is definitely adopted by this best sugar daddy app called established Men. Why not connect young and lovely girls with successful men when both parties want it so badly? Exactly, Established Men couldn’t find a negative answer, so they figured to connect sugar babies and sugar daddies on their app.

Although the Established Men came around a while ago, they do have a convenient, user-friendly sugar daddy dating site. Sugar daddies can connect right away with sugar babies thanks to the enjoyable chat options and the straightforward and easy registration process.

It’s also simple for female sugar babies to start getting presents immediately because of the app’s special features. On this website, spontaneous presents are rather common if sugar daddies like sugar babies. 

Depending on your intentions and tastes, this could be the place for you. The website has a rather big audience and extremely beautiful young ladies. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Can add features and pay for them only rather than for the full subscription.
  • It offers tons of profiles of gorgeous women.
  • The app is perfect for sugar babies since it has the hottest men.


  • The site has no app. 


SugarBook main page

Some rich men, even sugar daddies, are not looking for a relationship based solely on money and sex in exchange for money. If that’s your case, Sugarbook is a great alternative to some money and sex-based sugar dating sites. 

Sugarbook focuses on setting clear expectations, so men and women should clearly state their basic needs. However, the current sugar daddy site invites sugar babies and sugar daddies who also want to establish something more than just sugar relationships. There are many older men with great jobs who want to see younger girls around them. Sugarbook arranges these meetings.

Sugarbook is also a good choice for sugar babies who want to use free apps. Sugarbook offers a set of features, and you can add them as products to the cart. You can use the basic set free of charge or add a few. Thus, Sugarbook is one of the best sugar baby sites, given its convenient payment system. 


  • The app offers versatile features.
  • Sugarbook offers standard sugar relationships, but you may also find something more meaningful.
  • Easy to use. 


  • Many inactive profiles. 


RichMeetBeautiful main page

RichMeetBeautiful could be for you if you’ve been seeking the greatest sugar daddy websites that offer consumers exactly what they want and a piece of mind when searching. To enhance user security, the website employs Norton security and 256-bit encryption. Moreover, they also have an SSL certificate to ensure phishing attacks do not affect the user base. Plus, it’s also a way to protect payments and secure user information.

You can join one of the best sugar dating apps as a sugar baby or as a sugar daddy. On this app, thousands of attractive young women search for a sponsor or a sugar daddy. You may be that intelligent, successful, and confident guy these sugar babies are so thrilled to meet! A lot of sugar babies search for mentors here as well. That’s why it’s one of the sugar daddy apps. Younger ladies find older men who treat them with respect while they receive adoration and admiration from the youth in exchange. 


  • Easy to find sugar babies and sugar daddies.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple registration.


  • The audience could be a bit more active. 


WhatsYourPrice main page

WhatsYourPrice is a sugar dating app with a somewhat original concept, albeit it may not yet be a household brand since it’s not as popular as many other apps. WhatsYourPrice is only for women to decide (so, in this case, the sugar babies). So, both sugar babies and daddies can interact, but the lady must approach a guy first. 

The site has a wonderful platform and a dimensional web design, in addition to a beautiful UI, making it more ideal for sugar babies than many of the other sites out there. WhatsYourPrice has a structured design that empowers an attractive sugar baby in contrast to many other platforms. The site overall has a very accessible platform. WhatsYourPrice is one of the greatest websites for sugar babies, thanks to this.

The only major drawback is that there has yet to be a mobile app, which is shocking considering how long the site has been operating.


  • It has a very beautiful interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple registration.
  • Tons of useful features. 


  • It has no app.

Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits

You should enjoy Secret Benefits if you actually prefer paying for what you use. Typically, many sugar babies prefer using Secret Benefits since it allows you to buy only those features that you use. Moreover, users only pay on this sugar daddy website when they meet someone they truly want to chat with. This sugar mommas and daddies platform operate on a credit-based structure.

Secret Benefits was developed in 2015, which makes it one of the most recent yet best sugar daddy apps. It’s one of the best since it has a really big user base and some of the most convenient payment methods.


  • The app has an active audience.
  • The site has profiles of extremely hot women.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple registration.
  • A credit-based payment system.


  • It has no app. 



Yes, you got it right; it’s on Reddit! Some people prefer to use something other than Reddit, which isn’t a great option. The competition is lower, so you should give Reddit a try. 

In recent years, Reddit has expanded quickly and developed into one of those fantastic free dating sites for those searching for casual encounters and sex. Similarly, there is a subreddit called r/SugarBaby for sugar babes seeking a sugar daddy. Check out r/SugarBaby, which has an active community and over 80,000 subscribers! You could still be fortunate to discover a nice sugar daddie or baby here, even if it is not as sophisticated as more established dating services like Seeking or Sugarbook. Just approve a request about sugar baby relationships, and the job is done!


  • Easy to use since you don’t have to fill out a profile.
  • Easy to find someone nearby.


  • It’s mainly working in the U.S.
  • Reddit doesn’t verify users, so it’s worth being cautious. 



Although SugarDaddyMeet may not have had a big reach, this dating site has been around since 2007. The site provides premium users with awesome perks, which is fantastic for sugar daddies. It doesn’t have a shiny new interface like Secret Benefits, but it’s a solid dating platform.

You can rely on SugarDaddyMeet to assist you in finding a fantastic sugar daddy or baby since it has a community of over 5 million members! It sounds like a small community, but not for a niche site! It serves as an excellent site for establishing mutually beneficial relationships.


  • A big community.
  • The website has been around since 2007.
  • The app has some of the most beautiful sugar babies and handsome sugar daddies.


  • The site has an outdated interface. 



Although EliteMeetBeautiful may not be the best sugar baby site, only because the site asserts that it is not a sugar dating service. However, keep going: it’s an elite service where gorgeous young women find older partners. It sounds like a great sugar daddy website, so it comes near enough to qualify to be on this list. 

The website promises beautiful ladies can find a wealthy sugar daddy. Many wealthy men use this app to encounter beautiful young women. The site has a fairly active audience, so give it a try!


  • Some of the most beautiful women.
  • Some of the wealthiest and most handsome men.
  • Easy to use.
  • The audience is active.


  • It’s not a big website. 

How To Choose Legit Sugar Daddy App?

If you’re into trying a sugar lifestyle, you have two options: find young men or women (or rich men and women) offline or online. The easiest solution is to build a sugar daddy relationship online. However, one must find a reliable app to find sugar babies. This section focuses on criteria to use when choosing an app to establish a sugar dating relationship. 

Simple Background Check

Remember, the sugar dating lifestyle online starts with picking a reliable and safe app. Check whether the app has real sugar babies by checking the following criteria:

  • the app has been operating for some time, more than two years;
  • the app blocks fake accounts (it shouldn’t have too many inactive/not full profiles);
  • SSL certificate for safe payments.

If the sugar baby app has these measures, then feel free to use the site. 

Read Reviews

Typically, many sugar daddies don’t like wasting time on reviews, and that’s where they are wrong. It’s easy to spot a scam sugar dating site if the reviews claim the site isn’t legal. Note: there will be many negative reviews even if the website is of great quality. It’s simple to explain – people aren’t always satisfied with the services that they get.

However, quality sugar dating websites should have positive reviews as well. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s suspicious if the website has no reviews at all. It takes five minutes to check, but it’s a worthy task. 

Use Rating Platforms 

The best sugar baby app should have a rating. Typically, it won’t be 100% positive, but it shouldn’t be negative as well. Most sites and apps are rated differently, so check what criteria rating sites use. The best sugar baby apps have mobile apps, so check the App Store and the Play Market to find ratings. 

Tips To Find Sugar Baby On Dating Apps 

Most rich sugar daddies have it easy when it comes to finding a suitable woman. However, it’s not always easy for everyone. Moreover, the usage of the best sugar baby sites may be confusing if you haven’t used dating sites before to establish sugar relationships. We have prepared a few useful tips on how to find a sugar baby on a sugar dating website:

  • Use a reliable sugar daddy website. Choose from the list, or use tips on how to find a suitable app. Only trustworthy apps help establish wanted relationships.
  • Learn more about the sugar dating scene. Learn about basic rules, how to build relationships, etc. For instance, sugar dating may be based solely on sex and monetary compensation. However, it may be based on all of the mentioned, plus some friendship and compassion. 
  • Use filters to find a perfect would be sugar baby. 

These are a few simple tips on how to find amazing would be sugar babies on dating apps. 

Conclusion On The Top Sugar Daddy Apps

Beautiful and young women often seek attention from wealthy men who aren’t against the idea of dating attractive beauties. This relationship type works as a transaction where everyone is satisfied. The woman gets attention and allowance (plus gifts), and the man also gets attention and sex.

You may use sugar apps or other dating sites to find men and women. The best thing about online platforms is that they are all-inclusive. You may find female and male sugar babies, the same as sugar daddies. There are men and women of different races, ages, sexuality, etc. It’s also easy to use dating platforms.

Most dating apps save time and effort for users. You don’t have to change your routine while seeking would be sugar daddies. Most dating apps offer the best profiles. Thus, this function saves time. It’s easy to create a profile while the system chooses the best partner.

Dating apps even save you money! Instead of wasting time and going to restaurants and clubs, you can use an app and quickly find a sugar daddy. It’s equally convenient for men and women to use dating apps. Check out the list we prepared to choose the best app and find someone you like!

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