Secret Benefits Review

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Modern hurdles require modern solutions. Nobody wants to live in poverty and misery, so people opt for a mature sugar option. However, some are confused about finding a proper place to meet their wonderful mature partners. One of the possible solutions might be Secret Benefits. What wonders does this dating site store? Is it worth your sugar needs? Read on in our in-depth review.

The Secret Benefits is a modern brand that has made a huge impression in terms of style. In terms of design, Secret Benefits is a great sugar dating site. At the same time, it offers an incredible place for users who are trying to stay positive and light in their search for a partner.

There are a large number of profiles that can be browsed with relative ease. Even before entering a profile, users will receive all the data such as age, and current online availability of a sugar baby or sugar daddy. The usability of the platform is on par with the best in the industry.

Secret Benefits Overview

Signing up and enrolling with Secret Benefits can be a simple process. There is no need to fill out a lengthy profile to find a sugar daddy. The image is not even required to open the profile interface. Yet, filling in some key details can have a major impact on good sugar dating.

Profile Quality4.3/5
Ease of Use4.6/5

In addition, details such as the body type and ethnicity of a sugar baby or sugar daddy are considered very crucial requirements. The user can ignore the verification process based on their interest in the same. However, the location information makes it easier to provide better recommendations, and users can customize the recommendations to find a sugar daddy at a distance of 200 miles.

SecretBenefits main page

Secret Benefits Sign Up

A simple registration process is adopted at Secret Benefits, as users only need to offer the following information: email, password, username, location, age, body type, and ethnicity. It only takes about a minute to become a sugar baby or sugar daddy. No photographs are required for the profile. Even then, the probability of finding a good sugar daddy is better than on other platforms.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The best way to figure out whether a sugar dating platform is meant for you is to compare how much you enjoy its benefits and how annoying its flaws are. You are guaranteed to stumble upon something uncomfortable or get a hang of a life-changing feature. Outlining those opposites is bound to get you a sugar daddy.

Secret Benefits Pros and Cons

Since our review is on SecretBenefits, we will help you to define its most outstanding features and how they compare to the drawbacks. To sum it up, we are delighted by what SecretBenefits has to offer. Yes, we have some minor complaints, but they can be addressed in the future, and there is nothing deal-breaking about it. Nevertheless, we advise you to see the list for yourself.


  • Payment options are very flexible compared to competitors;
  • The interface is exceptional;
  • Sugar baby can use the site at no cost;
  • Fewer fake profiles, thanks to a photo verification system.


  • Lack of mobile application;
  • Status cannot be proven due to lack of an asset verification system;
  • Free membership may not offer many features.
Secret Benefits features

Secret Benefits Costs

It feels nice to know the ins and outs of a sugar dating platform without paying for it as much, but there is a moment when you have to decide whether you should upgrade and look for a sugar daddy. Those are the possibilities of sugar dating open to you only when you pay the price for it. Quality deserves to be reimbursed, but the final decision lies with you.

Free Features

A sugar daddy with no subscription can create an account and use the search function in the best way possible. As there is no limitation to this feature, users can sign up and get an idea of the site before deciding to pay for a membership. A sugar daddy can also view the profiles without any limitation. This includes checking the type of users on the platform.

Paid Features

There are a few key benefits to opting for a paid subscription for a sugar daddy. The biggest advantage would be the ability to view secret albums of any sugar baby. Apart from viewing profiles, a paid member can also initiate contact by sending messages. This makes it possible to use the platform rather than remain silent during sugar dating. Finally, hidden photos can also be viewed by a paying sugar daddy.

Cost of Services

There are pricing plans that make Secret Benefits an excellent value in the sugar dating sphere. A sugar daddy is not limited to monthly plans, as all additional features can be redeemed in the form of site credits. The minimum amount of credits available for purchase is 100, and this will bring a user $59.

A sugar daddy can also opt for a 500 credit option, which will cost $169. Finally, the most expensive package would be 1000 credits, and that will cost $289. One can use several payment methods to purchase these credits, as the site even supports Bitcoin as one of the payment options.

Secret Benefits create account

Secret Benefits Search Functions

A decent set of filters is available in the search tool so that a sugar dating process is much easier. For those who prefer simplicity, location can be the only criterion required in the process of finding a sugar baby. However, a sugar daddy can also add additional criteria to get satisfactory results with better accuracy. The search tool is simple and contains most of the standard filters expected from a sugar dating platform.

The Secret Benefits site uses a completely free search tool. It offers many benefits, such as the ability to see a member’s online status. Users can check their profile and get a special badge to be displayed automatically next to the username. Although the search tool has many filters, all of them are open even for free users. If a sugar baby matches the search criteria, it can be viewed in the unlimited search results.

Secret Benefits Mobile App

One of the biggest drawbacks of Secret Benefits is the lack of a mobile app. This may be due to the sensitive nature of the site. However, if someone wants to access the messaging tool or just check out the profiles when they are bored, they can do so from a cell phone using their mobile browser. There’s not much difference between the two other than scaling and reorganization. All the features of the desktop sugar dating platform can be easily used on the mobile site. The scaling allows for better viewing of the profile pictures.

Unique Features of Secret Benefits

There are times when someone writes to you that you don’t want to hear from. Alternatively, you can get a lot of messages—many of them undesirable. Secret Benefits provides a “block user” capability as a result. You won’t see or hear from a sugar daddy if you decide to utilize this function. This is a crucial tool, particularly if someone is pestering you, sending you improper information, or acting in a way that violates sugar dating guidelines. You may also notify the site moderators if someone is acting improperly.

Without messages and chat, sugar dating would not be possible. Users have the option to offer and accept conversation invites on Secret Benefits. Other interaction tools are available in chat, so you may present yourself (including emojis, sending gifts online, etc.).

Secret Benefits testimonials

Secret Albums

Secret Benefits does not allow the use of nudity in albums. Since only users around 18 years old can create an account, the site can be a very safe platform. Even if a sugar baby wants to change some of the profile details after registration, it is possible. Similarly, photo albums can also be changed at a later stage. Apart from images, the profiles will also support videos.

Although nudity is not allowed on Secret Benefits, users are allowed to put seductive and tempting poses in their albums. However, it may be necessary for users to protect these images and only reveal them to members after a certain period. If this is the case, the Secret Albums feature can be useful, as it allows users to lock albums that can be revealed later upon request.


While there are many interesting ways to start a conversation, one of those options would be to match with a person in a Tinder-like manner. You get a classic interface where you see a profile picture and get an option to swipe to ignore or message them. The process of conversing with a sugar baby or sugar daddy is quite simple, as all the communication features are easy to use. Only if the other person feels interested, it is possible to start talking and even set up offline sugar dating.

Hide My Profile

A user can set their profile as hidden so that it does not appear in search results. This can be excellent protection against frequent posts from users who are not interested in anything serious. A most needed feature if someone is overly persistent about starting a conversation.

User Experience

The Secret Benefits comes with a very simple and clean site. All the buttons are trendy and easy to understand. Even if a user joins a dating site for the first time, there should be no problem in understanding the ins and outs of a sugar dating site. As there is not much difference between the mobile and desktop versions, users can’t face any problems when switching between the two platforms.

The interesting theme of the Secret Benefits site makes it crucial that the concept of fake profiles is completely removed from the window. To this end, a verification process is managed by the website that happens to be quite powerful.

As a result, all profiles turn out to be very genuine. The amount of verified profiles is much greater than the unverified ones, which will also have fewer chances of success on the platform. A sugar baby does not have to pay any fees to browse the profiles, and the photos are mostly accessible. It is quite common for women to use secret albums to upload the sexy photos, and these can only be unlocked upon request.

Secret Benefits support

Scam Protection

The site may collect very little information from the user, but it still manages to store data that can be misused. The data is also very sensitive and is only shared with members of the site. A privacy policy is posted on Secret Benefits so that users can familiarize themselves with the various terms. The site operates on a secure platform that prevents hackers from trying to obtain the data, and the site has so far been immune to hacker threats.

Customer Service

Secret benefits assistance is provided through an email survey, which can be initiated from the website. This assistance is provided throughout the day, and it would usually take about a day or two to resolve the issue. Resolving the problem is so much easier through the use of the team, but a better way would have been to provide a help section.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Secret Benefits?

There are many places where it is impossible to find a sponsor, such as the aforementioned Chocolatier. But that place is no longer your couch. Sitting on your butt at home, finding a rich daddy is very real. There are many resources in the “sugar dating” category – sites where wealthy men look for dating mercenary girls.

Advantages of Dating Sites

  • Finding a daddy through the Internet is convenient. You sit in your pajamas and go through rich sponsors;
  • This is the most budget-friendly method of finding a rich daddy;
  • There is a high concentration of really rich men;
  • All users understand each other’s goals well.

However, dating portals are not without their disadvantages. A large number of sites in the sugar dating category are a resource for selling sex.

Among the “right” sites, aimed at rich men and women who are not indifferent to wealth is Secret Benefits. Wealthy sponsors, honesty of the girls, the confidentiality of both sides – guaranteed. Right now, anyone can get the cherished sugar daddy. Sign up and change your life.

How to Compose Your Profile Correctly

Choose the best photos, or better yet, arrange a photo shoot for sugar dating. Give a detailed description of your 90-60-90 (size does matter). Explain your interests, talents, and hobbies. In general, show all the best, what awarded you nature, inside and outside. And being completely honest in this matter is not necessary. Self-presentation is not a confession. A sugar daddy doesn’t need the truth, he needs a reason to be proud.

The Rules of an Ideal Sugar Baby

The formula for success in this difficult case is pretty simple – looks, education, ambition. With this set of trumps, it is not a problem to quickly find a sugar daddy on the Internet, in a restaurant, and at the resort. Of course, we are talking about specialized dating sites, fashionable restaurants, and elite vacation spots. So? You don’t need VIP tickets and millions for that.

Secret Benefits FAQ

Main Tips to Attract a Sugar Daddy

And yet, finding a sponsor is not the same as becoming a concubine. Being a concubine is a vocation. At the very least, it’s a job that requires serious effort, psychological literacy, and investment in oneself.

Here are some important rules shared by experienced female hunters of men’s hearts and purses:

  • Develop as a person. Learn languages, start your own business, and make the right connections – a great plan in case of force majeure;
  • Develop yourself sexually. You can’t go anywhere without it. You can’t get very far in the “missionary position. Be prepared for unexpected sexual experiments;
  • Don’t figure things out. You like to be cranky, complain, blow your brains out, concubine – definitely not your calling. Keep your cockroaches to yourself when communicating with your daddy;
  • Generate feelings. A sponsor is not a bag of money, but a partner. More soul in this difficult but lucrative endeavor. The commercial format of the relationship is not yet a reason to deprive the rich daddy of emotion and feelings;
  • Don’t fall in love. A smart sugar baby is a woman with a cold mind. Falling in love with a sponsor is almost a guaranteed failure of a great plan to “finally live like a human being;”
  • A union in which all parties satisfy each other is an effective union. And it doesn’t matter what that union is called. The “sugar baby and sponsor” format has as much right to life as a paradise with a lover in a shack. The main thing is to understand in time and realistically what you need from life.


From what I can tell, Secret Benefits offers a strong approach to the online dating world. It has a minimalist and simple approach to design, which does not load a ton of information into the site. I feel like Secret Benefits is meant for business and focuses on critical aspects of online dating so that users are instantly connected with many singles in their area. I cannot guarantee this site enough.