What Is NSA Relationship? What They Represent, And How to Handle Them

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NSA is not about serious relationships and deep feelings but about maintaining sexual health and getting to know each other through dating apps.

What Does NSA Mean?

NSA relationship is a relationship where there’s only a sexual relationship between you and your rival NSA partner. In other words, an NSA means that you are sexually intimate, but it is about your relationship, and you are not obligated to each other in any way.

3 Things You Should Know About Relationships With The NSA (No Strings Attached)

Our experts want to explain to you what to expect from any, No Strings Attached. Most of the people our experts spoke to have many misconceptions about No Strings Attached relationships, confusing them with friendships or polyamory. But throw your imagination to the wind. 

Our experts have reviewed for you some tips about No Strings Attached and what you must know about No Strings Attached relationships.

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You are free from fantasies in relations with the NSA

It’s all in the name. The main goal of the NSA is a No Strings Attached relationship. It is debatable whether the term “relationship” with the NSA can be used at all. There is no exclusivity in such relationships unless otherwise noted, and most NSA arrangements are usually non-monogamous.

People are free to engage in sexual activity with multiple people. Our experts explain the nature of the NSA dynamic: “You have a relationship with the NSA because you don’t need ten things that involve commitment. 

You like to keep things simple and straightforward. Good sex, lack of emotional drama and independence. Therefore, the desire for monogamy or exclusivity is not very common. And if any person wants some kind of commitment gesture, most of the time it goes downhill.”

Sexual adventurousness is encouraged!

NSA relationships are based on sex, our experts say. “Just as hunger is a basic need, so is sex for many people. They need three meals a day, and for some, there’s no denying the importance of sex in a relationship to meet their sexual needs. The NSA exists solely to meet this need. 

Here you have the opportunity to engage in sexual adventures or experiment in bed.” This is a safe place for you and you are free to explore any fetishes and fantasies (with mutual consent and comfort). In a committed relationship, you may worry about how your compatible partner perceives you. 

The possibilities are endless in the dynamics of the NSA. You can let off steam between the sheets without fear of judgement. A friend told how she rediscovered her sexual appetite through an NSA branch; She loved every bit of the sexual freedom it gave her. The optional rules of a relationship didn’t oblige her to be shy, and she really enjoyed being in charge in and out of the bedroom.

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Boundaries, boundaries and more boundaries are the rules of No Strings Attached relationships

Emotional, physical, and sexual boundaries are a vital aspect of NSA relationships. Sharing your life stories or problems, talking about your day, or exchanging text messages is not recommended. 

You make the relationship with the NSA moot if you try to get fully involved. The same applies to meeting in a romantic setting. Hugging after sex is a big no-no, as is deep pillow talk. And finally, sexual restraints are about indulging in activities that you are completely comfortable with. 

A sex-oriented real relationship doesn’t mean agreeing with them and forcing you to do things you don’t like. Be open about your needs and learn to say no. The NSA structure cannot function without open communication!

The Essence Of NSA Relationship

To explain NSA meaning briefly and simply, then NSA exists for birth control, separate sex, no strings attached arrangement and not everyone wants to have this type of relationship. If you have ring ideas about this relationship, but are still thinking about whether it will suit you or not, then Kornash lifestyle school, specializing in Total Counseling Solutions, can help you.

And so the most important thing and key part that most people should know about this type of relationship is that this type of relationship might be long term, or just one meeting with one person with a great time. 

Currently, in order to find someone for such a relationship and other things, you should better register on some specialized platform. Thanks to the main menu on such a platform, you will quickly find a partner who will suit you. Look only for last updated and high-quality platforms, after analyzing user reviews.

An Example Of A Relationship Without Obligations

strings attached relationship

No Strings Attached is a 2011 American romantic comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Elizabeth Meriwether. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, the film is about two friends Kutcher and Natalie Portman who decide to make a pact to have a no strings attached relationship, without falling in love with each other and to be sexually compatible for each other. 

There is expert advice for you, you can watch this movie trailer here to get previously unknown knowledge and clear thinking about the sole purpose of this basically one meeting relationship. The film will help you decide whether this type of physical pleasure, sexually adventurous, is right for you. Remember one more thing, that any relationship can hurt feelings.

What Does NSA Do? What Does NSA Stand For? 

Essentially, an unconditional NSA relationship is one in which two people maintain a purely physical connection with each other; there is no emotional connection between them. In other words, no one is obligated to anyone, and there is also no special romance or very deep communication


  1. You will be absolutely free. Your role is not that of a NSA partner, rather than providing emotional guidance and support, your time together is purely physical.
  2. You can search for different options. In this context, another positive aspect of an unconditional NSA relationship is that you don’t have to be monogamous.
  3. It can be fun. Many people in “no commitment” NSA relationships enjoy the thrill and excitement of this kind of casual connection with someone. In particular, you can enjoy intimate time with another person and keep it light, avoiding the possible problems, issues, and misunderstandings that can arise in a more serious relationship.


  1. You may develop feelings that go unanswered. If you are in an unconditional relationship, you risk developing feelings for the other person that may not be reciprocated.
  2. This may prevent you from looking elsewhere for a serious relationship. Another disadvantage of an unconditional NSA relationship is that it can prevent you from starting something more serious with someone else. In other words, because you’re spending your time, focus, and energy on casual pursuits, you may be unavailable to someone who can provide you with a deeper, more meaningful connection.
  3. You risk your emotional and physical health. Many people in committed relationships can also feel used, hurt, and unimportant by the very nature of this type of casual relationship.
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Where Can You Find Your Sexual Partner?

First of all, it is quite easy to find a partner for strings attached relationship

  1. Dating sites. Many people are looking for a relationship on the dating site, and strings attached relationship are also very common
  2. Phone dating app. Tinder, Badu, and other applications are a very common way to find not only romance, but also in most NSA relationships
  3. A friend or girlfriend. If you like each other, then it is not difficult to agree to sleep together.

Friends With Benefits Vs No Strings Attached Vs Sugar Dating 

Below, our experts have provided you with brief information about the NSA relationship, namely about the different types of these relationships, about friends with benefits and how long they last. 

The type of linksFriends with benefitsNo strings attachedSugar dating
DurationIt depends on the NSA arrangement, but most often several monthsFew monthsTwo people agree on this type of relationship in details first. It’s now modern dating for years
Emotional connection Emotional solid connection, willingness to solve partner’s problems, mutual assistanceCompletely excluded and contradict the essence of the NSA relationshipsMay happened if the relationship is long-term. It can become a romantic relationship.
Financial helpOnly as part of friendly help, in exceptional cases this is casual connection, but exists not on a permanent basisThis type of relationship does not accept the idea of financial helpYes, financial aid is at the heart of sugar dating. Each sugar daddy is committed of the amount of help, which is negotiated individually
no strings attached relationship

No Strings Attached: Rules

If an exclusive and committed relationship is not something you are looking for, then a physical relationship without any strings attached is for you. However, most couples often forget the rules of a no strings attached relation or NSA once they start with one. 

While the first rule is that there are no rules that you need to abide by, you both should be clear that there is no commitment, you can see and date other people, and it’s pure casual sex and nothing more. 

What Can You Do?

  1. You can explore what makes you feel good.
  2. You have no emotional attachment to the person in the relationship.
  3. You have no loyalty to this person. Play the field.
  4. You can have fun with it.

What You Can Not Do? 

  1. Never go on a date, reserve it for your boyfriend or girlfriend
  2. Don’t talk to your ex. It can be dangerous.
  3. Don’t contact your bestie. This is an open relationship you never want to ruin.
  4. Don’t bring emotion to the NSA, it’s all about good sex.
  5. Don’t say I love you, I love you for that, or I love you for being so cool, or I love you for coming so fast.
  6. Don’t choose a random hottie Just because you are eager for an NSA, don’t just choose any random hottie. Test the waters first. It’s very important to choose the right partner who shares exactly the same views about the relationships as you.
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Is A No Strings Attached Relationship Right For You? Or Do You Prefer Only Strings Attached Relationship?

This is a relationship advice for you and the whole point of NSA relationships. Please be honest with yourself to determine if this Strings Attached Relationship is the right choice for you at this point in your personal life. If you are ready and looking for a serious commitment, No Strings Attached Relationship will not satisfy your needs completely.

However, if your goal is to have easy No Strings Attached, then this no-strings-attached deal option can help you stay free. It all really depends on your intentions and needs when choosing a Strings Attached Relationship. 

So in summary, if you want a partner for real life, Strings Attached Relationship is right for you, if not, and you just want to have fun, then No Strings Attached Relationship is right for you.


In conclusion, Sex without obligations is a very popular and good thing if you don’t want a relationship but want sex. There are pros and cons in such a relationship, but there are also many rules so that it is only the embodiment of sexual desires and nothing more. 

What is a relationship for you in general, and are you ready for a free relationship if you just want to take a break from the previous ones. The topic, non-committal relationships, is very different in opinion for men and women, and here you can argue for a really long time. But everyone chooses what suits them best. 

Someone wants to be in such a relationship to take a break from the past. Someone wants to try something new, and someone satisfies their needs in this way.