Briefly About Platonic Sugar Daddy Relationships

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Do you think it is even possible to find platonic relationships with mutually beneficial relationship instead of traditional sugar relationships with sex? 

Our experts say that platonic relationships are possible, it will be something like a romantic relationship or just being friends with rich men. Learn more about how to find platonic sugar daddies who will be rich men below in this review.

What Is Platonic Sugar Dating? 

Despite the fact that nowadays platonic love is considered old-fashioned, and unnecessary, both platonic love and online platonic sugar daddy relationships still exist.

In the Middle Ages, platonic relationships pushed knights to feats in the name of the lady of the heart, forced our grandmothers to wait for their husbands from the war for years, and now it has become the fate of teenagers who are ready for anything to meet Justin Bieber or another show business star.

The expression “platonic love” originated in ancient Greece, and in those distant times, the expression had a slightly different meaning. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato considered a woman to be a vile and dirty creature, and such love was vicious. Plato himself considered the ideal love between a successful man and a man, and it is not surprising, because the philosopher himself was surrounded by many boys.

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Over time, thanks to the church, the attitude towards same-sex love has fundamentally changed, and the phrase “platonic love” has acquired a slightly different meaning. Now platonic love is a romantic feeling that does not contain sexual desire. 

In the case of a strictly platonic sugar daddy relationship, your sugar daddy will be like a friend, father, or grandfather to you, that is, during a platonic sugar daddy relationship, you will have a faithful and reliable friend and companion who will pay for your desires and life. 

At the same time, in a platonic sugar daddy relationship, there is no place for sex, it is purely a pleasant time together, for example, walks in the park, hikes in a restaurant, or even simple online communication.

Pros And Cons Of Platonic Sugar Dating 

If you, as a beautiful woman, really want to find an older man and are looking for a platonic relationship with spiritual things, and you want to feel like a free person, but you don’t know if a relationship with an older man is right for you. Below, our experts have listed for you the pros and cons of looking for a platonic relationship with platonic sugar daddies.


  1. Sugar babies need to spend time with sugar daddies or sugar daddy
  2. Such a relationship is based on the early platonic arrangement and phrase things.


  1. More loading of sugar babies profile is in platonic arrangement with next point of sex
  2. Sometimes find platonic sugar daddies is a lost cause for platonic sugar babies
  3. Most sugar daddies are looking for physical intimacy (intimate relationships) with their sugar babies. At the same time now to find platonic sugar daddies is possible.
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Platonic Sugar Daddies Websites And Apps 

Finding both a simple relationship with a sugar daddy or a sugar momma, and a platonic sugar daddy relationship can be difficult, especially in reality. Through our experts, we found the top dating sites and applications, and listed them for you below. 

Every sugar daddy site and app from our lists can help you platonic arrangements, which will be as a deep platonic friendship or traditional relationship between platonic ones: younger woman in role platonic sbs and older man in role platonic sds.


  1. Secret Benefits visit site will be a good experience for you to find a platonic sugar daddies
  2. Ashley Madison is also a modern site, and suitable for you to find a platonic sugar daddies and sugar babies


  1. Secret Benefits has also a mobile app where you can find a platonic sugar daddies 
  2. Ashley Madison platform has a modern and easy-to-use mobile app for Android and iPhone for sugar daddies finding
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Platonic Relationship Rules

Below, you can familiarize yourself with some basic rules for platonic sugar relationship in every sugar daddy site and in the reality.

  1. Be honest with your feelings! If you want to kiss someone, you should probably say so. If you like dating or meeting this person, let them know! Honesty is the best dating and romance policy, so don’t hold anything back.
  2. Don’t pressure another person into dating just because they’re your friend. There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend if you have more than friendship feelings for them, but there’s also nothing wrong with waiting until you’re sure of yourself, or at least pretty sure about your feelings about dating, before deciding to do it. Make sure it’s what they want too!
  3. Don’t make big assumptions or dating decisions for the other person! They may not feel the same way you do.
  4. It’s okay to explore platonic dating, but that doesn’t mean sugar dating someone in a platonic relationship is a bad idea. Don’t expect them to stop sugar dating someone if you’re dating someone else.

Additional Rules Platonic Sugar Relationships

It is very important to avoid projecting your feelings onto a platonic sugar daddy in sugar relationships. It is also important for everyone to be truthful in their feelings for a person, but you should never exceed their limits in sugar relationships. 

Keep in mind that it’s always okay to let a sugar daddy or platonic sugar baby know if you want more than platonic sugar relationships from them. Also, platonic sugar daddies should avoid meetings with sugar babies friends and relatives!

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It Should Not Be Done During Platonic Sugar Relationships

  1. Consent is always important! Do not photograph another person without their permission.
  2. No flirting! Don’t be flirty and offensive around them.
  3. Express respect! Don’t be disrespectful by making jokes at their expense.
  4. Be polite! Don’t start sugar dating their friends and relatives.
  5. No pressure! Don’t pressure them into sugar dating what is now a friendship.

Editor’s Advice

Below, our experts have summarized and outlined Simple rules during platonic sugar dating for you. In this video found by our experts, you as a sugar baby can find useful safety tips when looking for a sugar daddy.

  1. Everyone has their limits! Respect the boundaries they set for you.
  2. Patience is the key! Be patient, and don’t push when they’re not ready for more than friendship with you.
  3. Offer support and comfort when they need it.
  4. Honesty is important! Be honest with your feelings, but never transfer them to another person.

How To Communicate With Platonic Sugar Daddy?

Please, as a sugar child, do not set high expectations for a platonic sugar daddy relationship. Obviously, the allowances for time spent together during platonic sugar daddy or so-called PPM will depend on your region, but expect them to be at a lower level during the process of getting used to each other and generally during the platonic sugar daddy relationship itself, and not sexual sugar daddy relationships. 

Since during a platonic sugar daddy relationship, you as a platonic sugar baby don’t have sex with the sugar daddy, so count on $1,500 to $3,000 per month. But be calm and patient, and do not immediately demand 3000-5000 dollars from the sugar daddy in a platonic sugar daddy relationship, otherwise you as a platonic sugar baby will be left with nothing. 

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Chose The Right Photo And Fill Out The Profile Correctly

In the first place, the best way for sugar baby when choosing and creating a photo will be to take a simple photo from ordinary life in the quiet right place, which will be comfortable for every sugar baby. 

Also, in your platonic sugar baby profile required fields are marked must be filled out in detail. This is necessary for a better identification of you on the platform, and when you provide information in the self description section, write directly what you want to find on the platform, that you are a sugar baby, not different types of sugar relationships, but only true platonic sugar daddy relationships. 

Such written information will be a good option, you as a sugar baby will feel like yourself more relaxed. And potential platonic sugar daddies, when they take a look at your profile, will immediately understand whether a platonic sugar daddy relationship with you is suitable for them or not.

The Difference Between Blatantly Paid Sex With Sexy Photos And Platonic Sugar Daddy Relationships

Many men who are mostly young under 39, often require exclusivity most common type of sugar daddy relationship, namely not strictly platonic, but sexual with physical contact. That is, the first thing they are looking for someone with sex appeal. 

This applies more to sugar baby girls and young common type businessmen who made money very quickly on different things, often in a hard time of changes in the world. But the situation is different with older man.

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In most cases, such lonely men choose on top sites the best sugar type of relationship. Older men are most often looking for online platonic sugar relationship on sugar dating sites with younger women who are struggling financially, looking for emotional support and mutually beneficial relationships, and want to no mind spending money for their spending time on any platform with the sugar industry and later in life. 

When young women find platonic sugar, such relationships have a good very beginning and develop first on some dating site. In a platonic sugar daddy relationship, you, as a sugar baby, have to show from the very beginning that you are ready for them, but not open to sexual relations. 

And that in a platonic sugar daddy relationship, you will give your sugar daddy an important thing, such as your precious time of life that will never come back and emotional support.


Finding a platonic relationship with a sugar daddy or sugar momma can be more difficult than finding a sexual relationship with a sugar daddy or mommy, but you still have a chance of finding a platonic relationship on top platforms like Secret Benefits and Ashley Madison.