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Dating websites are the way to find, start and develop communication with a desirable partner these days. Online dating communities have no borders, weak restrictions, and millions of members. On one side, it makes online dating websites the perfect place to find love.

On the other hand, what do you know about services? Are they good or bad? With that in mind, you have to find the review and read it. This review is based on the real thoughts of real users, their experience of usage, and other feedback. All the information about signup, searching filters, communication, and dating is found below.

Why should you use Seeking Arrangements?Why do not use Seeking Arrangements?
Sugar dating is the key goal of members of the websiteMost girlfriends are not directed to enter into serious relationships
Sugar babies are wanting to find a compatible sugar daddyOne sugar daddy can communicate with many sugar babies and vice versa
Generous sugar daddies are seeking women 
SeekingArrangement main page

Seeking Arrangements Sugar Daddy Site Overview

Seeking Arrangements is the dating website, which was launched in 2006. The website has a big membership and potential for development. The community was created as a simple online dating website. 

Through the years, reviews show the website was transformed into another community with more attention to sugar daddy relationships. As of now, the online dating website has world-known popularity, with thousands of new members each day. The overall membership of the community is over 40 million users.

The sphere of SeekingArrangement activities is too wide. Just the residents of each country have the chance to get into the website and start building their personal life. The Seeking Arrangements help to make it with the services described below.

The interface and design of the website are great and easy. The newcomers can easily understand what is going on there and how to take advantage of certain services. Below are the ups and downs of the platform, which you may find true and useful later.


  • Security features are on the reliable level
  • Free features are available for all members
  • All the profiles are verified by age
  • Profile well-detailed to find information about the partner
  • Highly active support team


  • Some information about scam activity appears from time to time on the platform
  • Paid features are messaging are available

Despite the ups and downs described above, keep in mind each of the users has the other point of view on the community. Try to use the Seeking Arrangements and make a list of your personally found advantages and disadvantages. 

SeekingArrangement features

How Does Seeking Arrangements Work?

Seeking Arrangements is a dating community, which used to satisfy the needs and goals of its members. Seeking Arrangement singles are seeking sugar babies and sugar daddies for different purposes. Some women want to get into sugar dating to find a long-term commitment, while others are just eager to entertain themselves. 

Making hard work to satisfy the desire of all members, Seeking Arrangements try to meet the expectations of all members and update their service due to it. Thanks to the ongoing support and assistance, users can use the website and do not spend their free time on other technical questions of the platform activity.

Everyone can find the website on the Internet from different devices. The area of the website activity is not as designated as it could be, so you can use it from different corners of the world. There are also no restrictions on matching partners.

The design is pretty good. Everyone will find the website easy and can navigate there. User-friendly websites will support you in all stages of usage.

The algorithm of the website usage is the following:

  1. Find the website or app
  2. Create an account following the instruction below
  3. Fill in all fields in your profile
  4. Start using searching fields
  5. Communicate with partners on the Seeking Arrangements website
SeekingArrangement successful attractive

Registration Process

You can easily create an account on the Seeking Arrangement website from the first entrance to the website. The account can be created from a mobile device and other devices. To become a part of the community, insert the next essential details:

  • Username
  • Gender
  • Status on the website: sugar daddy, sugar baby, sugar mommy, or other
  • Whom you are looking for
  • Email address
  • Your monthly income
  • Goal

Below you saw all the information, which is compulsory. To place more information and facts on your account, just update the information in your profile. The recommendation is to upload more photos to attract the attention of users. 

Girls, who verified the account, may also get a free premium membership. The other popular way to create an account is to sign up using your social media account. With that verification, you will become a legit member at first sight. 

In order to get legitimacy on the platform, you have to undergo a security not scam background check. This stage is not a compulsory one, but interesting. In general, the SeekingArrangements sign up will take up no more than 5 minutes. Spend more time on the further steps to make the membership really result. 

SeekingArrangement create account

Profiles Quality

Registration is a compulsory step on the station website, but it is not enough to make yourself attractive in the eyes of sugar daddies. Once you have created an account and verified it, it’s time to make your interesting profile. The process is too simple, so you can make it in a few minutes.

Interesting fact that you can change information in your profile, each time you want to make it. Choose your username and upload a sexy photo. The main recommendation is to remember that the website is made for adults so the photo should be for adults. 

Their profile doesn’t have any restrictions or requirements, so you can upload all information in your own way. Under their recommendations, you would better add facts about your weight, height, education, relationships, marital status, hobby, occupation, and a short description of your features. For sugar daddies, it is recommended to add information about their success and average profit and guarantee 40 sugar babies they want to meet.

Also, write a short description of yourself in the section “About Me”. Do not forget you have the chance to change the information or delete it when you only want, so feel free about writing what you want and upgrading it.

Mobile App

Seeking Arrangements has a mobile app that makes these dating websites more popular and desirable among sugar singles. The mobile version doesn’t have many differences from the desktop, but it’s more comfortable and useful during communication as the mobile app has a perfect design and easy navigation. It will make it easier to use for older men and women who are already over 60 years old.

In the mobile app you can see navigation is better when the layout is simpler. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find the Seeking Arrangements mobile app in the Apple Store. The mobile application was accessible there several years ago, but Apple claims as its website promotes casual interactions and makes it impossible to be accessible. 

The mobile application uses GPS during searching for local men and women. That is why you can find the mobile app in Google play. The website is totally free in use so download it when you want and stay in touch with a lovely partner all the time.

SeekingArrangement app

Search Process

Searching activity is one of the most responsible end keys on the way to date with a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. Seeking Arrangements has one of the most extensive functions among all dating websites. The number of filters and SeekingArrangements free search options are so great that you may use, not all of them to get the desired result. 

The website offers a lot of filters, but it would be better to choose some of the most effective in the first stage of searching for love. The search is based on location or distance and will give you better results. You have to input information about the city region, country postcode, and other relevant facts.

Other criteria are age, hate hair, color, smoking, and drinking habits may be education, background, and language. Premium members have wider options and can search within net worth net income relationship, ethnicity, body type, and membership status.

Also, you may save the criteria, and the website will give you the most common partners in the matchmaking zone. You do not need to repeat the same certain activity each day, bad on the open, and see the list of partners with which you may find common sense looking for love.

Messaging Features

Messaging belongs to the paid features on the dating website. Seeking Arrangement makes messaging the core way to communicate with sugar daddies and sugar daddies. More than that, messaging includes sending winks, smiles, videos, and photos. 

A lot of people find messaging interesting and useful. It is just the first step to communicating with partners and spending time together. Seeking Arrangements make the mobile app, on which messaging will be even better and easier. In messaging, you will get to know the future partner better by spending time in discussions.

Video chat is the premium feature, which you may use to call a partner. This messaging feature belongs to the special traits of the website. Use video chat to enjoy the atmosphere. 

SeekingArrangement page

Seeking Arrangements Audience

Seeking Arrangements seems to be a really good dating place to find interaction. The overall number of members is over 40 million people from different corners of the world. Seeking Arrangements website allows all people to join the website.

The restrictions are based on age, as people less than 18 years old cannot become a part of the community. More than that, when the profile is regarded as suspicious, it can be deleted by the special support team. No other limits were found on the platform.

The balance of female and male members is on the same level. The number of women can be slightly higher. A few thousand new members come to the community each day, so the membership is growing all the time. All the Seeking Arrangements audience has the same priorities and goals, so the atmosphere, in general, is positive and leading. Find out on your own.

Seeking Arrangements Special Features

When all of the dating websites have the same goals, something different should be there. All of the platforms offer the same steps to become a user: registration, profile adoption, searching activity, and communication. However, special features make membership on Seeking Arrangements different. Based on SeekingArrangements reviews, you will find the next features.

Let’s Talk Sugar Blog

Members of the SeekingArrangements dating website are not alone. All of them have the chance to communicate and discuss popular topics or share experiences. On the Seeking Arrangements dating website, you will find a special blog, on which members discuss special topics connected to sugar dating. 

On this blog, you will find actual information about current events you may attend. If you have a question, just post it on a blog. The others will share their experience with you. 

SeekingArrangement how it works

Diamond Membership for Sugar Daddies and Mommas

Diamond membership is also known as VIP. Sugar babies and sugar daddies have the chance to join the VIP membership and face no limits during website usage. The only condition to become a VIP member is to use the premium membership for at least 2 months. 

Voice-Activated Safety Features

Safety of the SeekingArrangements website is under reliable control, as it has voice-activated safety. Friends have the opportunity to track your location, fake calls, emergency SOS alerts and legit checks. This feature is optional but effective. 

Seeking Arrangements Pricing

Prices are what future members are worrying about. Fortunately, the membership plans are different. All members can get free services and pay. 

As soon as you get into the website, the platform is free. After registration and verification, the website offers the standard package. It costs nothing.

As a verified member you can opt for a premium or diamond membership. The premium membership costs less than the diamond. The current prices have to check on the official website. Prices can be changed from time to time, including periods of sales and bonuses. 

Overall, try both types of payments to choose the nicest option in your case. It is possible to cancel the subscription when you want. Just find the settings of payments and SeekingArrangements cost. 

SeekingArrangement pricing

Free Services

Create an account, update your profile and use searching options for no payments. After that, you may even start chatting with sugar partners. That is all that the paid members can offer you, as described in SeekingArrangements dating site review.

Paid Services

With the paid membership plan, you can use all you want. The first option is to send messages in the anonymous mode with SeekingArrangements credits. After sending, you may check whether the messages were read. 

A special feature of message sorting is available as well. The system will show you messages only from partners, who meet your dating criteria. Diamond or in the other words VIP membership is better. With the diamond offers, you are not restricted in your actions and may access whom you want. 

Safety & Security

On a dating website with a million members, safety should be placed first place. How to reach a goal on SeekingArrangements and not lose your personal information or identity? When you use the SeekingArrangements, you will find both.

The main purpose of the website is to satisfy and meet the expectations of sugar partners. To make it, the community should be protected all the time, members verified, and privacy maintained. The community renews and updates the protective measures all the time. To review the last version of the security program, visit the main website and security zone. 

The SeekingArrangements support team encourages members to stay and follow the recommendations on how to protect accounts from possible scammers. As the membership is active all the time, you may face bots sometimes. 

SeekingArrangement users

Privacy Politics

All the information about privacy information, messages, and chats are protected. In the personal setting of the account you may choose which information should be revealed to the other members and which is private. Detailed instructions can be found in the Terms and conditions of the website usage. 

How To Protect Yourself

Find out some of the useful recommendations below:

  • Beware of scammers. During communication with people, stay attentive to members, who want to get some information about personal life, property, and bills. 
  • Place of the meeting should be comfortable for you. If you do not know the person, make the first meeting in a public place. It is about your safety without complaints.
  • Check your bill. Sometimes the sum of withdrawals can be more than the price of a diamond package. So, check the bill to not grant more money to the community.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most reliable services on the website. Customer support is always online with the members. The last one can easily get in touch with the support members and get the relevant information.

The support team works all the time in different ways based on a review on the SeekingArrangements dating site. Mainly, the members can connect within the online special form for communication, email address or phone. The professional will respond to your request as soon as it is possible. 

Before getting to the support team, just find the FAQ section on the website and review the answers. For sure, you may find their needful information, and there will be no more need to get in touch with the support team. 

The other great option is the Blog, where the main discussions are held. Try to find something interesting there. If you find nothing useful, the support team is at your disposal. 

SeekingArrangement help center

Seeking Arrangements Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

Seeking Arrangements platforms is not unique in the sphere of dating. This website has a lot of alternatives. Some of them can be even better, while others are equal. Find below the most popular alternatives to the Seeking Arrangements website. 

#1 – Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits is one of the leading new dating websites, which acts from 2016 year. A Secret Benefit is a modern place for sugar daddies and sugar babies. The platform is free for sugar babies, but sugar daddies have to pay for everything apart from browsing the website.

#2 – SugarDaddyMeet

SugarDaddyMeet sugar dating website has been on stage since 2007. The community is on the line in more than 20 countries of the world. The most popular countries in which you can find the Sugar Daddy Meet website are Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada. The Sugar Daddy Meet website offers free usage. The package includes everything apart from sending messages. With the free membership, you can only reply to messages but not initiate them. 

SeekingArrangement success stories

#3 –

Sugardaddie platform is one of the most experienced on the scene of sugar dating, which was launched in 2002. In the community, you may find different types of relationships, not only daily, but long-term and casual as, well. Searching options will give you a list of perfect matches to communicate with them. 

#4 – SugarDaddyForMe

Just after registration, you will get the free 3-day trial to test the community. Later, you have to buy the premium or other type of membership. Sugar Daddy For Me website is a nice place for sugar daddies and sugar babies. The platform does not have a website, but it is still one of the most popular after Seeking Arrangements. 

#5 –

SugarDaddy website shows deep admiration for the ladies. Sugar babies do not pay anything for website usage. The mobile app makes the community accessible from different countries of the world. 


All in all, a review on the SeekingArrangements website claimed the website is a great way to get in touch with sugar partners. Free SeekingArrangements login, extensive searching options, ongoing communication, and many other spheres are waiting for you on the website. The Seeking Arrangements website welcomes everyone despite the location. 

Using the SeekingArrangements website you may get in touch with the desirable sugar daddy or sugar baby in a few clicks and enjoy it further. Create the account today and feel all the ups of the community tomorrow. Have good luck!

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