Sugar Daddy&Baby Success Stories

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When people first hear about sugar dating, they think negatively of scams. But the reality is some inspiring success stories have come from a sugar relationship. But there have also been scams that are popular through online dating sites. So you must be careful, but never let that put you off starting a sugar baby arrangement. Through this article, we will look at the successful real life sugar arrangements that have been formed online. If you are interested in being with a sugar daddy or sugar baby, read on. 

Young Girls Are The Hottest

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My friend told me I was looking sad and lonely and needed a girl by my side. So I signed up for a sugar dating platform with my details and requirements. It took all of 8 hours before I received a message from a beautiful 20-year-old wanting to meet. I was 51 at the time, so she was perfect. We were a good match; we chatted online for a few days, we used video calls, and we had lots in common. Then we went on our first dates and had great nights out clubbing and had fine restaurants. She knew exactly what I wanted from the arrangement, and she made it clear what she wanted. There was no confusion or complication. We were both getting our benefits from each other. 

I did not want a girlfriend; I just wanted someone to hang out with for a couple of days a week. In return, she was happy with her monthly allowance and getting to hang out at cool places with me. The great thing about a relationship like this is there was never any pressure from either one of us. We enjoyed each other’s company. We would have sex at times, and it was great. I taught her lots about business and how to make money work for her rather than the other way around. 

Mark, 53

The Most Convenient Arrangement

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I am always busy with my work, working long hours, and with lots of stress. So I have no time to look for dates in bars or clubs. So a sugar baby website is ideal for me. I found a sexy 19-year-old in no time, and we arranged to meet in my favorite restaurant. Fortunately, we liked each other and decided to spend time together when it suited me. As I worked so much, I wanted to meet her in between my business meetings and trips. She agreed, and she was a lovely girl, athletic and eager to please me. Her only desire was to go on shopping sprees once a week with me, which I agreed with. 

We would generally meet up twice a week and stay in a fancy hotel, eat amazing food, and have fantastic sex. I enjoyed taking her shopping once a week. It was also fun seeing her smiling when I was buying her fancy designer clothes and jewelry. I have always loved younger women, so sugar babies have always been a great choice for me. The whole arrangement works perfectly for my lifestyle, no ties, no commitment, just another’s company for a few hours or days, and then on with life once again. Sugar relationships are ideal for me, and she understood this completely. 

Steve, 48

Work Hard, Play Hard

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Some say I am a workaholic. I certainly take my business seriously. I have offices in New York and other major cities across the world. So it was always tricky meeting a partner. I needed a sugar baby and got one online. It was very convenient and fast with all terms agreed upon before the meeting. I expected her to play girlfriend while we were together, and her rules were I would never ask her to have sex with me. She loved talking, and we got on very well. It was nice having someone to have dinner with and laugh with after a stressful working day. It felt like a real relationship, but I made sure not to get too deeply involved because my work could change quickly. 

I loved the fact that she was 21 year old and I was 58, but she was mature. We could still have a fantastic conversation about different subjects. It is essential to feel comfortable when you are in a sugar arrangement with young women. So I felt very fortunate that I had that with my girl. We never got too personal when we had conversations, as we never wanted to get emotionally involved. My work could drag me all over the globe, so I never knew which city I would be in next, so a serious relationship was impossible for me. But she understood and was more than happy to be involved with our arrangements. We would meet each other whenever I was in town, making the most of our time together. 

James, 60

A Wonderful Arrangement

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Meeting my sugar baby online was super fun and exciting. It only took a few days, and we chatted every single day through a live chat. We arranged to meet for dinner, and I told her what I desired when spending time with her. I wanted us to be honest with each other at all times and respect one another. She was a beautiful girl who was 22 years old while I was 45 year old. We would head to nightclubs which I loved, and also quality bars in the city. We would often go for weekends away, which she adored. I would pay her a monthly allowance and even helped her buy her own house. I loved being able to assist her in making her life better and more comfortable. 

She told me she had gone through bad experiences in the past and found it challenging to trust men. So it was nice that I helped her have faith in men once again. We enjoyed our time together. She was very adventurous and eager to show off. Most sugar babies are fearless, but she was really brave. We even had sex in a supermarket toilet once, which was very different. I made sure she never felt it was just sex work. She made me feel young and free once again. It is now over three years, and we are still together. Even though I have a pretty challenging job, she makes my spare time so enjoyable. Hope it lasts. 

Connor, 48

I Loved Being Her Mentor

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I have been fortunate to become a millionaire and can afford to live a very luxurious lifestyle. I work a lot, so dating is not easy. I used to be a married man, but because of the stresses and commitment to my job, it fell apart. So I understand with my lifestyle, I need something different. This is why sugar babies are the perfect way for me to have some companionship. I am 62 and met a beautiful 25-year-old through a sugar dating platform. We got on like a house on fire. Even though there was a significant age difference, it seemed like it did not exist. We went to beautiful restaurants together. I would take her to art galleries and educate her on fine art. 

She was like a sponge and wanted to learn from me, which I loved. I had a lot of experience in the business world and wanted to share it with her. She was keen to learn and better herself. She also had dreams of becoming a millionaire, so I tried to share all my secrets with her. We would meet every single week, and it was excellent. We talked for hours and even had sex sometimes, but it was more about teaching her and being a mentor to her. The one thing she wanted was to be clear of her debts, so I cleared everything for her. She was so happy. This is what a sugar relationship is all about, helping each other. 

Alex, 62

Older Men Are Much Better…

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Not knowing what to do with my life, I came across a sugar site where I saw girls of my age earning serious cash. So I decided to try out sugar dating. I used a sugar site that had fantastic reviews and searched for a sugar daddy. Fast forward a month, and I met a great guy who was willing to treat me extremely well. I made it clear what I wanted, and he agreed with everything. I would get a monthly allowance, plus expenses, when I was to travel to meet him. He was an older man than I was used to dating, but I was surprised at how young at heart he was. He was also full of energy which showed in the bedroom. 

We would spend a few days together when he was back from business in excellent hotels. I was eating the best food I had ever eaten. He knew how to treat a female. This was something I took from my experience with a sugar daddy. Older men understand how to treat women. Young guys are just not mature enough to understand. I will always have a thing for sugar daddies as they make you feel like a true princess. My date was a true gentleman from the start until the end. We were together for a year, and then I decided I wanted to try something new. Sugar dating may not be for everyone, but it is for me.

Julia, 21

I Saw A New Lifestyle And Loved It

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I had been let down by my boyfriend a month before and wanted to try something new. So my girlfriend suggested trying out sugar dating. So I started sugar dating a week later online. I got connected with a wealthy man who worked in the banking world. When we finally met, he was socially awkward around people but treated me like a princess. He was like a genius and a kind-hearted man. He was 59 while I was 24, but I had always had a thing for older men. He would take me to theater shows and also exhibitions of art. He would wear shoes worth thousands of dollars, and I felt proud to be next to him. 

He let me into a new world that I had never entered before. I was eating at posh restaurants. He knew all the best bars, and he taught me a lot about the finer things in life. I liked the fact that there were no strings attached when you are sugar dating. I could do whatever I feel like when I was with him. He agreed to give me everything I wanted. He helped me with my debts and also bought me a new car. I have to say having a sugar daddy is better than having a boyfriend, in my experience. He was buying me the most amazing clothes and shoes. I was like a kind in a candy shop. 

Ella, 20

Sugar Daddies Are My Cup Of Tea

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I have been dating sugar daddies for ten years and can not understand why every woman doesn’t. I met my first when I was 18, and he was 43 years old. He had good social abilities, which made me feel welcome whenever we were together. He would give me a weekly allowance and treat me to whatever I wanted. If I asked for a new handbag, he would give men the money to purchase it. He was the most generous man I had ever met. Previously I had been in a relationship with one of the creepiest men ever. It lasted a few weeks, and I had to leave him. 

So a sugar dating website helped me find a normal man who was kind and supportive. They always say from a bad situation comes a good situation, and that is true for me. I was living the best life I had ever lived when I was with my sugar daddy. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. He was so thoughtful and caring toward me. He never made me feel like one of the sex workers. In fact we never had sex. He wanted me to share time with him on dates only. It was the best time I had ever had at that point in my life. I saw him for 2 years before we ended it. I am now with another sugar daddy and will always look for one sugar daddy arrangement. It is the best. 

Sad Story To A Happy Story

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I got married very young, at 18, during my college years. Unfortunately, it ended in divorce a year later. It had a significant impact on my life and my relationships with men. But it was until I decided to get back into dating when I was 22 that I started having faith in men again. I searched through the Seeking Arrangement platform. Luckily I found a wonderful guy in his fifties who was a real gentleman. We would meet once a week, maybe twice for dinner. He has such intuitive people skills that made me feel so comfortable with him. He had more money than I had ever seen before. He would carry lots of cash around. He was a very successful man in the business.

He taught me a lot about life and how to enjoy every moment. He would make me laugh, and we lived in the moment every time we were together. We even had sex in the parking lot in his car. It was so exciting. It seemed like there were no problems when I was with him. He made me feel unique and important. No other man had ever done that. People always think sugar relationships are for those that do sex work. It is not true. You can find amazing people when you get involved in sugar arrangements. It is the only reason I stick with sugar dating because the guys are classy, not losers like my ex-husband. 

Sarah, 19

From A Sugar Baby To Wife

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I think I was one of the luckiest sugar babies ever. I found my daddy online, as many do, and he was the sweetest guy ever. He was 20 years older than me, but we had so much in common. He was the second guy I had met through a sugar site but by far the best. We would spend 3 days a week together. He would take me on weekends away, we would surf, cycle. He was an outdoor guy. He had learned social abilities and would get on with everyone around him. He had real charisma, which attracted me to him in a deep way. At first, we wanted to stay away from emotions, but the more we saw each other, the stronger the connection got. 

They say that many times a sugar baby takes all the money from a sugar daddy. Well, this was not the case. The more I saw him, the more I wanted to see him. I was interested in the money at the start, but then I was interested in him only. I could not wait to get back to him after leaving him. After both of us got emotionally connected we started seeing each other more often. Now we are in love, so from sugar dating to a married couple, dreams can come true. If one sugar baby like me can do it, anyone can.

Nina, 22