Best 12 Sugar Daddy Websites in Australia

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Australia is not only the continent of exotic rainforests and nature. First of all, Australia is a place of stunning and sexy sugar daddies. People find it hard to meet a sugar baby or a sugar daddy in the local areas. That is why, sugar daddy dating sites will support you and determine the right direction in developing mutually beneficial relationships, but not a traditional relationship. 

Sugar Daddy sites in Australia

Best Australian Sugar Daddy Websites

The best sugar daddy dating sites are the appropriate way to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, start communicating and create love. To not waste time, Australians, like other people, use special places to find love. Sugar daddy websites are among the most popular places to make it. Whom you can meet on the sugar daddy websites? How to find the communication? Read the short reviews of the best sugar daddy websites.

  1. Sugar Daddy Meet – 9,8⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. Sugar Daddy – 9,7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3. Secret Benefits – 9,6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  4. What’s Your Price – 9,1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  5. Sugar Daddy For Me – 8.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. Established Men – 8,7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  7. Sugar Elite – 8,5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  8. Sugar Daddy Australia – 8,3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  9. Sugar Babies – 8,1 ⭐⭐⭐
  10. Seeking Arrangement – 7,8 ⭐⭐⭐
  11. Ashley Madison – 7,5 ⭐⭐⭐
  12. LuxuryDate – 7,2 ⭐⭐⭐

#1 – Sugar Daddy Meet

SugarDaddyMeet main page

Sugar Daddy Meet is the first choice of Australian generous sugar daddies when they want to find a sugar baby on sugar daddy websites. This sugar-dating website was launched in 2007. Their community is fully made of powerful, successful men and a sexy sugar baby. Hardly you will find a gay or lesbian. You do not have to start seeking for a sugar babe on your own as the powerful match team will support you on sugar babies meet. 

Other members are the priority of the Sugar Daddy Meet. All of the sugar daddies and sugar babies are verified, while there are photos and information about income that are real and prevented from being fake. To help a sugar daddy stay online all the time, you may find a special application and use it all the time you want to communicate with daddies and sugar babies.


  • Fast registration
  • Safety and security
  • The big community of sugar babies who love life
  • User-friendly community for sugar daddy dating


  • This sugar baby dating site can work slowly sometimes
  • Too many sugar daddies to make the choice

Talking about the prices, this sugar daddy dating site is excellent. It grants a discount for newcomers of 30%. The only requirement is to upgrade the premium usage within 48 hours after registration. Prices on the SugarDaddyMeet website are the next:

  • 1-month membership for $35 (Originally $50)
  • 3 months for $75 (Originally $90)
  • 6 months for $120 (Originally $144)

#2 – Sugar Daddy main page belongs to the best sugar daddy website, whose main purpose is to make sugar daddy dating easier and faster. Sugar Daddy welcomes everyone to the website with fast registration. Create the account on a freeway. The registration consists of two stages. In the first stage, you have to insert information about yourself, like name, surname, age, location, and email.

Email verification is not important here. You can make the profile headline, add photos about yourself, and so on. The profiles on Sugar Daddy are so detailed, that you will find it easy to make the connection between daddies and sugar babies. 


  • Easy in use
  • Application available
  • an equal number of sugar daddies and sugar babies
  • Fast communicational options for sugar daddy dating


  • Premium membership
  • The number of Australian sugar daddies is fewer. 

The payment system on this sugar daddy site is tolerant to all users. There are no special packages of payments like “Premium” or “Gold”. All the features are free for all members. Features like registration and searching are mostly free. Some of the features, among which are conversation and messages, are paid. To get the features, buy a credit pack. Credits can be different. The prices are the next:

  • Best Value: $289/1000 credits ($0.29 per credit)
  • Elite: $169/500 credits ($0.34 per credit)
  • Introductory: $59/100 credits ($0.59 per credit)

#3 – Secret Benefits

SecretBenefits main page

Secret Benefits is the dating Australian website with high quality, a great number of users, and services. Secret Benefits is special for individual approaches to each member and features updated for each separate need. 

The algorithm of the website usage is quite understandable. You have to create the account, which can be made in a few clicks, and insert your email, age, username, and surname. Apart from being registered on the website, you have to make your profile interesting. The Secret Benefits fully support other members and help to make the best visuals. 


  • Effective design 
  • Individual approach 
  • More than a million members 
  • Multinational audience 


  • No mobile application 
  • Unverified accounts can be fraudsters 

Instead of making monthly payments, Secret Benefits will offer you a simple credit system. Certain services cost some money. Just buy credits and then buy services for it. The system is as easy as it could be. The prices for the credits are next:

  • $59 for 100 credits ($0.59/credit)
  • $169 for 500 credits ($0.34/credit)
  • $289 for 1000 credits ($0.29/credit)

Try the Secret Benefits website today and stay together with the loyal members later. It does not matter how far away from Australia you are.

#4 – What’s Your Price

WhatsYourPrice main page

Are you looking for fun and interesting, mutually beneficial relationships? What’s Your Price is the place where you may get it via the best services and interesting personal offers. The first registration on the sugar daddy dating site is free of charge. You can pay nothing and make a profile. During the registration, you have to choose the option of using. You can pay money rather than be paid for dates.

In each of the cases, you can change and edit the stuff of the profile when you need it. Members can start messaging with shingles when they want. One special feature makes the What’s Your Price interesting. You can make a bid on the pretty sugar daddy. Someone can make the counterbid. You, as the participant, can increase the bid. Members prefer to be the person, who is the reason for a counterbid. 

The design of the website is perfect. You can see all the tools, dating tips, and instructions gathered in one simple palace. It makes the What’s Your Price comfortable to use. 


  • Nice interface
  • Quick registration
  • Two options of usage: pay or to be paid
  • Communication without limits


  • No mobile application
  • Some features are paid

Monthly payment system is not required there. It means you can use the free-of-charges services all the time. Some of the features are paid. The currency is credit. Buy the package of credits and use them in your own way. The prices, at the moment of this review creation, were:

  • 100 credit package for $50;
  • 450 credit package for $150;
  • 1000 credit packages for $250.

#5 – Sugar Daddy For Me

SugarDaddyForMe main page

SugarDaddyForMe sugar daddy site belongs to the sugar daddy community of the best Australian sugar daddy dating sites, which you may only find. The website was launched in 2004. Around 2000 new beautiful women and sugar babies visit the website on a daily basis. It makes a great option to find a sugar daddy. 

The sign up process for sugar relationships is fast and straightforward there. You may create the account in a few seconds. The free trial period lasts for almost three days. During this period you have the chance to try all the services and use them. The trial period is the way to review the database of sugar daddies and sugar babies, who are on the line and whom you can potentially contact there. 

The profile of the users is truly their sphere of responsibility. All you have to do is to review the profile, it is quality. Change the information when you only want. 


  • Free trial period
  • Easy in design interface
  • No scams
  • Verified sugar daddies on sugar dating


  • To stay in touch with the sugar daddy, users pay money
  • No mobile application

The members use the monthly membership payments. The SugarDaddyForMe sugar dating website offers no credit system. The paid membership on the sugar daddy website includes the next:

  • Gold Membership – $44.95 per month
  • Gold membership + Total Access – $59.90 per month
  • Silver Membership – $39.95 per month
  • Silver membership + Total Access – 54.90 per month

#6 – Established Men

Established Men main page

Looking for an Australian sugar daddy, do not omit this website. The main focus of the sugar daddy dating website is to allow young beautiful women to meet potential matches around Australian dads and vice versa. 

The established Men’s website is popular in Australia, UK, and US. Users from the other countries are using VPNs. Still, it is hard to stay online all the time with the VPN system. This fact does not make the number of successful sugar daddies fewer. 

The profiles on the Established Men Australian sugar daddy site are different. Mainly, the system does not push the members to write some info there. All sugar babies and sugar daddies make it in their own way. 

Mobile application is absent. However, Established Men as the not one sugar relationship allows to use the website version from the mobile sugar daddy device in the browser. 


  • Privacy protection
  • Excellent features
  • Supportive customer service
  • Worth paying money for sugar dating


  • No mobile application
  • Premium membership is expensive

On the Established Men Australian sugar daddies website, you have to pay for a month of usage. There are no credit systems. The prices are next:

  • 1-month membership with 100 credits – $59;
  • 3 months membership with 300 credits – $117;
  • 12 months membership with 3000 credits – $299.99.

#7 – Sugar Elite

Sugar Elite main page

Sugar Elite is one of the sugar daddy websites, whose main purpose is to connect sugar daddies with sugar babies. Elite, wealthy, rich sugar daddies are on the Sugar Elite sugar daddy dating website. They are of different occupations, but all have the same purpose: to meet a sugar baby. How to find a sugar daddy or baby?

Create an account on the Sugar Elite community. It will take up to 5 minutes. You can change the information on the website when you only want it, there are no restrictions. The profiles are interesting and fulfilled with perfect photos of the sugar babies.

The mobile application is of the best features of this most sugar daddies elite community. With the mobile application, you can stay online all the time, review profiles, scroll messages and stay in touch.


  • Online chat
  • Live cams
  • a Great number of sexy pretty sugar babies


  • High prices

The standard membership allows you to stay on the sugar daddy website, review profiles, use searching options and so on. When it comes to real communication, you have to upgrade the membership to a premium one. 

  • $ 4.5 for 5 days;
  • $ 12.99 for 1 month;
  • $ 17.99 for 3 months;
  • $ 40.99 for 12 months.

#8 – Sugar Daddy Australia

Sugar Daddy Australia

Sugar Daddy Australia belongs to the largest sugar daddy sites in Australia. The website provides mutually beneficial relationship arrangement services to the successful Australian sugar daddy. The large database of quality members will make your activity nice and purpose fulfilled.

For payments, you may use a credit card or PayPal. All the prices are in dollars. There are no credits there. The prices are the next:

  • 1-month membership fee: $50;
  • 3 months membership: $90;
  • 6 months membership fee: $144;

The free features are also on the website. Among the sugar daddy apps, this website gives the biggest number of free features like quick search for the sugar daddy partners, uploading personal photos, adjusting the profile information, verifying photos and income, sending winks and comments, writing status and other details.

The rest of the other features are paid for. When you find the free features are enough to use this sugar baby dating website, do not tend to the paid sugar daddy version. 

#9 – Sugar Babies main page

Quick and reliable dating without problem is available on the sugar daddy website. Mobile experience during dating Australia is possible there. The sugar daddy app is available on Android devices, as on the IOS sugar daddy community. The vibe and the style of the website do not have a lot of colors or vivid elements. 

This real sugar daddy community does not have regional restrictions or abandons. Start seeking and finding young women all over the world. Young girls and ladies, sugar daddies, and successful men are on the platform all the time. 


  • A lot of active members
  • Excellent privacy protection for a daddy and sugar baby
  • Sustainable customer services


  • Expensive services

The website works in the form of a subscription. You have to subscribe and stay online. In comparison to the other sugar daddy websites, this one will bring you to the payment features for sugar dating:

  • $30 per month;
  • $50 per two month;
  • $60 per 3 months.

#10 – Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement main page

Seeking Arrangement was the largest sugar daddy website in the past and turned into the leading mainstream community these days. More than 40 million sugar babies and sugar daddies join the community on a daily basis. This number makes the platform a little bit overcrowded, but effective for a sugar baby on sugar dating. 

The system takes care of the security of the other users. You will never face a bad account or untrue other users on Seeking Arrangement. Before signing up, find the basic information about the sugar daddy website. Sugar daddies are seeking mutually beneficial, sugar-daddy relationships.


  • Safe, fast and free registration
  • Full of successful Australian sugar daddy singles
  • Users are of different ages


  • Most of the essential services are paid like on the other websites

Payment activity is easy on the Seeking Arrangement. Users have to pay money on the monthly basis. For instance, the prices for sugar babies are

  • Premium for 1 month – $90 per month;
  • Premium for 3 months – $80 per month;
  • Premium for 6 months – $70 per month.

#11 – Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison main page

Ashley Madison is the perfect place to establish sugar relationships with the database of 70 million of sugar daddy members. The female part is dominant on Ashley Madison. Casual dating in terms of discreet relationships is what Ashley Madison will offer to you. 

For casual relationships, you will hardly find better sugar daddy apps. The website exists as in the form of the website, as in the form of a dating app. Sugar daddy dating website like Ashley Madison is popular all over the world. In comparison to the previous dating website, there can be fewer Australians. However, it does not make the system worse. 

The sugar baby can get the advantage of the Ashley Madison site for sugar relationships and sugar dating. The sugar babies do not pay for the services and communication. Men pay for everything, while a sugar baby is still a happy and perfect sugar baby. 


  • Free and fast registration for a daddy and sugar baby
  • The number of females is bigger than sugar daddy males
  • Effective searching options


  • Paid services

The payment system is based on credits. The prices for a sugar baby are the next:

  • Basic – 100 credits for $59
  • Elite – 1000 credits for $289
  • Classic – 500 credits for $169

#12 – Luxury Date

Luxury Date

Easy navigation and design is what you face from the first sight on the Luxury Date, among the other sugar daddy apps. The sugar dating website welcomes all sugar daddy members from all over the world. The website will make the first date like and the rest of them perfect and inspirational. The average age of the participants are about 20-45 years old.

The title of sugar daddy sites names itself the quality of the date you may get on the platform. Thanks to the messages, voice sendings, videos, and the rest of the options, you can stay with the other users in different countries, but feel like in the same place on sugar dating. Dating in Australia online is the secret of the Luxury Date. HD quality, real sound, and mechanisms are what you need on sugar daddy sites.

Luxury Date offers to create an account quickly. Write your name, surname, and email address. Right after the registration on the sugar dating website, you have to tend to the free searching activity. Profile each of the users update with their own ideas. Just make it simpler and review the other users’ ideas of sugar dating in Australia. 


  • Quick registration
  • Equal number of sugar daddies and sugar babies
  • secret photos and messaging in video
  • Credits instead of monthly payments


  • Video verification is compulsory

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