Younger Women Seeking Older Men: Top Platforms

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Younger women seek older men in different corners of the world all the time. How can younger women find younger men? How can younger men immerse into the dating world of relationships and love? 

Younger Women Seeking Older Men

Online dating websites are the leading way today to find the perfect match and build a meaningful relationship. The dating sites take into consideration all the preferences of younger men and women like above average education, an age gap relationship, and a mature relationship.

#1 – Match

Match main page

Match dating sites for younger women and older men are among the leaders in the dating field. The match is available in 38 languages and over 50 countries on the dating scene. Registration is compulsory on the Match dating website and consists of several steps. 

The most pleasant thing is the chance to sign up using Facebook and email accounts. Signing up like that will save you time. All the information will be taken from the accounts. 

In case of any questions, the Match website will help you. There are a lot of instructions, useful tips, and other information which you need to become a part of the Match serious site. 

Dating on Match, you will get the chance to possess a mobile application. A dating app is on Google Play rather than the Apple Store. Both mobile and computer versions of the Match are great. 

Try the standard free version of the app and a paid one. Both of the versions are interesting, but with premium access, you have more chances of a long term commitment. 

#2 –

OurTime main page

By getting into relationships with you will find it easy both for newcomers and experienced users as well. Easy navigation and fast communication are making the community of great quality. The algorithm of the OurTime young woman older man dating community is understandable:

  • Create the account;
  • Update the profile;
  • Use the searching option;
  • Start communicating with members

The Basic search online gives the chance to filter older women with criteria like gender, location, relationship type, and age. The Advanced search gets deeper into personal expectations and needs. Among the criteria in searching options, you will find a sexual orientation, interests, education, background, appearance, and other specified features.

In the matches section, you will see the listed number of potential partners, who respond to your requirements. Keep in mind, the average age of an older man dating sites like OurTime is over 50 years old. Som OurTime website is identified as the age gap dating site for senior singles.

#3 – SilverSingles


SilverSingles dating site caters to singles, who are over 50 years old but still have the desire to meet love. Thousands of new and younger woman older man become part of the community on a daily basis. SilverSingles dating site has more young women than men among the members.

To become part of this big international dating community, insert the information during the registration:

  • valid email address, through which you will confirm the email registration;
  • personality test to clear your age, education, and profession;
  • information about the ideal partner;
  • add some photos of yourself.

After full registration, the SilverSingles dating app will recommend 5 to 10 partners up to the requirements in the profile. The matching score will indicate how reliable and good the person is in your case. More than that, you are attached with the helpful support team on the website. The FAQ section and instructions will support you all the time. 

#4 – BeNaughty


Do you want to find an open-minded partner? BeNaughty will help you to find encounters, relationships, and romantic messages. The number of older men is 2% fewer than the number of older women. 

BeNaughty is the casual dating community just to have a date, interact and go away. BeNaughty will be not enough for those, who are seeking a long term commitment. With that in mind, the website is minimalistic. You will find only information about age, hair, marital status, and body type in the profile. 

Free older men and young women may search for partners using the search fields. All the advanced features will be accessible. However, to get more information you have to send messages. Messaging is paid. BeNaughty dating scene offers three types of paid packages:

  • Premier Dater. The most expensive offer for potential matches. 
  • Catholic Pack. Unlimited messaging and the ability to see whether your messages were sent are available there.
  • Extra Security. Browse incognito, HTTP encryption, and auto history cleaning are included in this payment package. 

#5 – AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder has the same purpose of usage as the previous website. It belongs to online dating sites with casual intentions. Everyone can join the community on a well-guided dating journey and feel the years younger. 

Write the name, username, and address to join the website. The AdultFriendFinder is a younger woman older man website with millions of new members on a weekly basis. Even though the website does not have a mobile app, the computer version is enough to cover the needs of users.

The security system is reliable. However, it is hard to avoid communicating with bots, which can be among the partners you communicate with. The number of members is so big that the system cannot take control of all of them. In addition, verification on the dating site is not compulsory for a long term relationship. 

Try the AdultFriendFinder and immerse in the world of adult communication and activities. There are different types of dating, which can satisfy everyone’s needs of everyone. 

#6 – Seeking.Com

SeekingArrangement main page

Seeking website attracts powerful, attractive, and successful singles, who are searching for an age gap relationship. This is the type of sugar dating website, which facilitates mutually beneficial relationships among others. The number of active young women online is great. All of them are looking for successful and wealthy older men. 

The interface and design make the website popular. The useful mobile app allows you to stay online all the time and get in touch with potential matches. The average age of the members is about 25-45 years old. 

The communication methods are great enough to get whom you want and when you need it. Using all the advantages of the Seeking dating website, you will feel the taste of truly casual dating relationships. implement the nicest security practices to make older men and women totally happy and concentrated in their relationships. 

#7 – WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice main page

WhatsYourPrice dating website has been the revolutionized website in a man younger woman relationship. The community is known as the first which allowed single men to bid on dating younger ladies. What’s Your Price’s main purpose of this dating website is to not allow singles to waste time, but to start communicating just from the first date and develop their relationships.

The membership of What’s Your Price is great and consists of over 2 million singles nowadays. On one side, it can be regarded as too small a number of users, but on the other side, the community’s purpose is really narrowed down. Sugar daddies and sugar babies are there. 

The registration and father usage of what’s your price is easier, so you do not have to worry about it. Download an app and stay in touch with pretty older women and successful older men all the time. What’s Your Price dating platform is one of the best for younger women seeking older men in a long term relationship.

#8 – main page

Beginning from the title of the website, you are aware of its main goal. The main matter behind the SugarDaddy dating website’s existence is the desire to put younger women and older men into one place. This younger women and older men platform do not take into consideration the age gap or different locations, but vice versa the website helps to overcome all possible obstacles in this way.

On the SugarDaddy website, you will meet sugar babies as younger ladies, sugar daddies, sugar mommas, and sugar girls. There are no restrictions when joining dating sites. The interface is totally open-minded, full of perfect features, and easy navigation.

Sugar Daddy younger women older men dating websites can be used from mobile or computer browser versions. Unfortunately, there are no mobile apps for dating older men. The registration you will complete it in 2 minutes. Profile verification is not a compulsory step on the site, but you can make it. Verified profiles have better rates and success in the relationships. 

#9 – RichMeetBeautiful


Are you missing the young partner to share the love with? Do you want to find a younger woman relationship? Then, you are on the right path.

Rich Meet Beautiful is the platform for a serious relationship and casual dating. The website’s main purpose is to help an older partner to meet a younger woman. The site allows older men to begin dating at their own liberties and terms. 

The age gap on the website can be different. The younger woman is about 21 years old, and the older man is over 65. The location of such a relationship is not important. You have the chance to communicate, chat and stay in touch all the time due to the excellent services of this online dating site. 

Create the account, use the searching options to meet for years younger partner, and feel happiness in a few moments. The Rich Meet Beautiful online dating site is not truly free, as it has paid services. 

#10 – SugarDaddyMeet

SugarDaddyMeet main page

SugarDaddyMeet dating site belongs to the biggest online dating sites for sugar relationships. Age gap relationships, casual meetings, and many other types of interactions you will find on this woman older man dating website. As of now, the Sugar Daddy Meet dating site has more than 6 million younger girls and older men, who want to find meaningful connections. 

To find single women from your location, use the search filters with the location. To know more about younger woman relationship issues, ask the support team. There are many success stories of men dating younger women. 

Find profiles of an older men, send a wink or smile, and the relationships will get started. Dating older men, you will get a lot of instructions and information about the person. Open the profile to get their facts about goals of online dating, preferences in relationships, physical characteristics, and many other features. 

#11 – Zoosk


Zoosk is the online dating scene, which is known for its traditional approach and interesting research. In 2017 Zoosk dating website did a study on age gap relationships and found out that the oldest men about 60% are interested in younger women. Zoosk is the leader in online mobile dating, but it has a paid membership. 

Over 40 million members are staying on Zoosk dating sites. At the moment, the database increases all the time, while special matchmaking technology will help to meet members and stay in touch with them. Every member has the chance to review the website, and profiles and create an account, using search options. 

To communicate or make contact with other users, you have to purchase a monthly subscription. With such a large number of success stories and truly interesting offers, Zoosk is more for casual relationships rather than something serious. Still, advanced search features will assist you in finding a partner for a date. 

#12 – eHarmony


eHarmony has been in the field for more than 20 years, and it still holds the status of the most well-known dating website. I’m on an older man dating site eHarmony holds the highest success rate for finding love. The diverse base of individuals of younger women and young men will make your time perfect. The average age of members is over 30 years old, so it makes eHarmony not a typical age gap relationship website.

A compatibility test used by the dating site eHarmony will help to meet male counterparts under the physical characteristics and needs of members. eHarmony belongs to the older man dating sites which are free to join and make a profile. When the registration is free, you have to pay money for the communication in the paid membership.

To review the photos and see what is going on in the profiles and communicate with an older gentleman or a younger girlfriend, just buy the monthly subscription. The money is worth your attention. The prices are average, but the result you will get in return is priceless. 

How to Attract a Younger Woman? 

Younger women are different, but all of them prefer the same. Some older men may need help communicating and attracting for years younger ladies. Meanwhile, for others, it is like tea drinking.

An older man should expect whom they want to meet. The ways to get closer to the best younger woman are different. Balance the way of communication with the actions you implement to wonder years younger women. 

Young girls want to find understanding, support, and love when they are communicating with older guys. Partners of the same age are always not reliable enough. They are seeking something not relevant, what young girls find as simple. 

younger woman relationship

When you have a word of the women’s expectations, it will be simpler to attract single women in their 20s or 30s with the next recommendations in mind:

  1. Success rate. By using an online dating website, your reputation depends highly on the information enclosed in your profile. When a younger girl comes to an online dating website, she will quickly review the accessible profiles of older men. Ladies will choose an older guy, who will make the profile better and show his influence and success rate better. 
  2. Communication. Real life communication will make a younger woman believe in her reality. Using dating websites you may think online communication cannot be like real life. Still, online live video chatting with a naturally attracted older gentleman will make you believe in it.
  3. Attention. Despite your own age, spend time with younger partners. The ladies like getting compliments, winks, and smiles at their addresses. Remember about your existence at least once per day. In that way, the young girl will know about your attention and intentions. 

How to Attract an Older Man?

Attracting older men is easier. Older men will appreciate the first fact of a young woman’s existence. Younger women are perfect in all cases. Whether you want to start dating older men of certain characteristics or criteria, just review the profile of the older man and try to respond to the written criteria. 

To catch the attention of the particular older man, a younger woman has to follow the next recommendations:

  1. Expand all facts in the profile. The older man will get the first drops of information from the profile. The success rate of the profile and information there gives the first touch and step to the relationships. 
  2. Photos. Photos play a big role and they have to be real. During online live communication, the older man will see you. Older men do not like communicating with ladies, who have false photos. 
  3. True intentions. This criterion depends on the type of older man you are communicating with. But, in general, try to be honest and reveal real goals and forecasts from communication during dating older men. 
  4. Common future. Older men in their own age want to make plans for the future. During writing messages, plan your further communication and give hope to the partner.

Younger women are seeking reliable support, while older men want to get enough love and care instead. Read reviews on how to conquer an older gentleman depending on his age. Often, significantly older men can be better communicators, lovers, and partners rather than the boy of the same age. 

older man dating sites

Why Do Younger Women Date Older Men?

A man younger woman relationship is what makes a lot of singles wonder. However, the existence of so many male counterparts websites means the singles were seeking older or younger partners all the time despite all circumstances. Reasons for seeking a younger partner or older are different and individual enough.

There are a lot of different theories and ideas when it comes to online dating with younger men or women. For instance, a lot of people consider relationships with a younger woman to be made by the need to upgrade the self-assurance of an older man. In some cases it can be true, but still not the only reason. 

A sugar daddy is always seeking beautiful younger women for serious relationships. A lot of older men understand beauty is not enough. Men are searching for understanding and support in their daily activities and business affairs. Sometimes they need a word from a lovely girl after a hard working day to throw the stress away with a great sense. 

Younger women have more reasons for seeking an older man. In some cases, ladies are waiting for a tough wallet instead of men. In return, ladies give their time and love. The other bulk of girls, who are seeking older men, want to stay with successful men.

Older men take young women on journeys and trips altogether with them. Being on a business trip, older men do not feel alone anymore, as they are staying together with a lovely young woman.

Pros and Cons of Younger Women Dating Older Men?

Each type of serious relationship has different ups and downs. Looking far away at the whole style of communication, you may think the age gap relationships are perfect. Cool trips, rich hotels, attention, and success are not the only part of age gap relationships. The other side is more about interactions and understanding, which can be hard to find on a mutual basis of a solid foundation. 

younger woman relationship issues

Below are the main pros and cons of entering into deep age-gap relationships, which you may find.


  • Financial stability and a chance to get all you want
  • Experienced past history in love
  • Appreciation of youth and beauty of solid foundation
  • No reason to worry about money, ways to spend time, and other questions during the dating

To make the balance, there are some cons and issues you may find out during communication with older men. Disadvantages are possible misunderstandings and difficulties caused by the age gap. This part of relationships is essential, so you can face the next possible features in a long lasting relationship.


  • Lack of understanding during spending time together 
  • Different views on life, values, and thereafter dating goals 
  • No modern technologies or the last pieces of communication 
  • Different preferences in movies and music spheres or bar scene

Whether you have ever before stayed in love with an older man, some difficulties regarding life experience may also appear. The most significant is nutrition. Man can simply not understand why you do not eat meat or try to undergo the traditional vegan diet. An older man can feel the lack of assurance due to the health conditions of single women. In each case, all these ups and downs are individual enough, so keep them in mind. Maybe you will not find some of them during communication with the partner to not play games. 

Statistics About Successful Younger Women, Older Men Relationships?

A lot of research has been done to discover whether an older man dating younger women can be happy. How does a younger woman feel about this place? 

To find answers to all of the questions above, you have to take care of the strategy of building common mutual relationships. 

With that in mind, a lot of research was done and will be conducted about older man younger woman relationships. The number one question is whether older man younger woman relationships belong to serious relationships. The results of the statistics are fantastic. 

87% of older man younger woman find the sugar dating connections short lasting. Sugar baby is the student in most cases, which makes intentions unserious. A sugar daddy can change his ideas and intentions every moment. In tight, serious relationships are simply impossible. 

age gap relationships

18% of older man younger woman have serious intentions. Due to the discoveries, it is hard to understand what can become the warranty of so long-lasting unions. Spending common time with the psychologist, and staying together in different difficult situations or other circumstances can make a man younger woman relationship worth it.

The statistics revealed above are only part of the story. Mainly, sugar relationships are not really popular as a subject for well-grounded and significant researchers. Most mature singles find the connections as minor, that they do not worth any attention. More details on age gap relationships can be provided by the specialized online dating communities, described in this review above of single women. 

Are Age Gap Relationships Healthy?

Healthy relationships are what older man younger woman are tending to. Healthy relationships mean not only the physical well-being of singles but also mental understanding. Healthy relationships make both younger men and older women or vice versa feel perfect together. 

Relationships, in which one of the partners is feeling angry or abusive all the time are not good. With that in mind, age gap relationships are in the zone of high risk in this way. 

To establish healthy relationships when young women seeking older men, you have to keep in mind the next: 

  • Attention to the needs of the partner. This feature is essential in each kind of the relationship, but especially when you are seeking an older partner. 
  • Respect is the duty of partners. To build faith and tolerance, show respect to partners. Respect will give no chance to the other bad features, which means you can make healthy relationships easier and faster without obvious perks. 
  • Individuality. Each person is different. Especially, you will see it during communication with younger men or younger women. When you take it closer and understand, communication and the future will be easier together with an undeniable allure. 

With that in mind, the health of the relationships does not depend on the type of connection. Health depends on the traits of partners, their intentions, and their attitude to each other. 


A young girl and an older man have the chance and conditions to stay happy together. Older men on the one side have more sophistication and experience in communication with pretty young ladies. The modern world builds all conditions to stay closer to the desires and find a sugar baby or a sugar daddy in a few clicks. 

Each of the described above man dating younger woman communities is what you have to opt for. Singles are staying in the same place to keep in touch and discover the world together. Despite different theories, a man dating younger woman relationships do not have any rules or requirements. Just try it for more sophistication.